happy and sad.

i'm not gonna lie the past few days have not been easy, but i'm making it through. i do miss my boy though. it sucks going home and not being greeted by him. like a lot. hate it hate it hate it.

but, there have been some happy things around here lately as well. like on monday night when josh totally made my day by surprising me....


like a bike that i get to KEEP!
it's all mine!!
and it has pink on it so it totally matches my helmet!!!

i was so surprised! and the weather is supposed to be bea-u-tiful this weekend so me sees a nice, long bike ride in the near future!

we tried to go for one on saturday after the 10k. josh was going to take me on a real bike ride (read: outside of the neighborhood) but... it was awful. the bike i was borrowing was a racing bike which meant it was a lot more uncomfortable than a regular road bike because you have to be all bent over in "race position" to even change gears and i constantly felt like i was going to fall off because i'm not comfortable on a bike anyway (i have no idea how/when to change gears or anything) plus it was super windy that day so i couldn't hear anything josh was saying and my leg was hurting from the 10k and i was still super emotional.

just not a good day for my first real ride.

but i'm super excited about my new bike!! it's a lot more comfortable and i can't wait to take it out. i think we will be great friends.

now i just gotta get over this IT band issue in the next 2 weeks so i can do the baby triathlon at the YMCA at the beginning of april even though i don't know how to swim. but i think i'm finally on the right track. on monday i went to the dr for another graston appt and OMG it was intense. i walked in and he asked what was bothering me. my IT band, duh i said (ok i didn't say duh) and he said STILL?! that thing is still bothering you?! and i was all like welcome to my world, dude. exactly how i feel.

so i don't know what he did but somehow he was hitting something different and i thought i was going to die. i guess he finally found the exact source of my pain. i wish he would have found it the first time i went because maybe i could be running by now but whatevs.

so anyway, in case you were wondering where your IT band is, i thought i would show you.

IT band

need a closer look?


that's what my IT band looked like right after i left the office. i'm not sure if the pictures do it justice but pretty much my whole upper leg is one ginormous bruise. the huge dark bruise is apparently the source of my pain. and the dr showed josh how to torture me as well because apparently i need to have it scraped 3-4 times a week. so, looking forward to that.

in other news, lolz has grown again.

Week 10 - 17 weeks old
week 10

when do puppies quit growing? 1 year? i wish she would stay small:) she's 17 weeks old now. she hit a milestone this week... first time she peed on someone.

and one more happy thing i found this week...

(found here)

a real life up house.. how cool.

if you have any happy things, feel free to send them my way. i could sure use them:)