Just keep pedaling.

I've been busy + just haven't really had the words to blog. I don't know what it is. Josh and I went on a nice long bike ride this weekend and our route included lots of hills. I hate hills in case you didn't know. As I was struggling to get up every one of those hills, Josh kept saying Just keep pedaling!!! (easy for him to say, he breezes right up those hills!)..... and I had a really good blog post written up in my head about how you have to just keep pedaling when the hills of life get in your way and things don't go quite the way you thought they would.

But the words aren't there. I don't feel adequate enough to compare my bike ride to life right now. So, I'll just tell you about our weekend.

It included: a 20 mile bike ride, watching E.T., lots of ice cream, a family dinner, some yoga, a bathroom makeover, peanut butter pancakes, some girl time with my momma, washing my new car (!!!), finishing all of the laundry, and a trip to the family farm...

We went to the farm this weekend for our first trip of the season! It was also Lola's first trip ever, and I think she had a blast.

It's like a family rite of passage, of sorts, and Lola has been officially sworn in. Can I say that even though I'm not officially in the family?

We accompanied Josh's dad to help him burn down some really tall grass.


And it made me all kinds of nervous, especially when Lola ran down the hill right in between little patches of fire. I was constantly gasping and frantically trying to get the dogs -- totally oblivious to the fire -- as far away from it as possible. I hope this doesn't mean I'll be one of those really nervous moms one day.

Oh well, at least my kids will be safe, right? Safe inside their little padded bubbles.

If it wasn't the fire I was trying to keep Lola out of, it was the lake. My baby girl isn't scared of anything -- not big dogs, not the vacuum cleaner, not fire, and not the lake. She ran straight down the hill behind Kosmo and got chest-deep in the lake to get a stick. I don't think we will have any problems teaching her to swim this summer. She is fearless.

Then I played with a machete.
I didn't really know what to do with it besides hold it like a baseball bat.
At the end of the evening, we had 2 pooped little doggies.


And on that note, the Lolz grew some more...

Week 11 - 18 weeks old
week 11
These photo shoots are getting interesting...

So that's that.
The high today is 85.
Say what?!