Life is Good, even on a cold rainy weekend.

Grand adventures and big events usually throw the goodness of life in your face, but sometimes I see it even more in the simple happenings of every day life. Nothing big, nothing fancy, just time spent around the people I love doing things I love.

So, in lieu of yet another ZOMG-I-can't-run freak-out post where I complain incessantly about the totally unfair injury that is obviously ruining my life, I thought I would tell you about our weekend -- however boring it may be because obvs it did not include running (yes, I am admitting for the world to see that life is still good, even though I can't run.)

'Tis true. Saturday I got up bright and early and got my weight training on. I was actually kind of proud of myself for getting up and out of the house and to the gym by 9am, even though I was good and awake by 6:30 because that's the latest Lola can sleep. Not that I'm complaining. Because just so you know, 6:30 is much better than 3:30. Much. Better. But still, it was Saturday and it was raining and all I really wanted to do was lay around and eat Girl Scout cookies.

Then we went and watched Leonardo DiCaprio Matt Damon (man, I always get those two mixed up!) and Emily Blunt run around NYC and fall in love.

Decent movie, but I liked Unknown WAY better just in case you were wondering.

Then we went and hung out with Josh's parents. Josh had to help his dad with some computer stuff so I got to hang out with my BFF Lynda. We did girly things like paint our nails and cook dinner pick up dinner from Chick-Fil-A.

Then Josh and I were going to ride bikes but it rained

On Sunday it also rained and was COLD. I was under the impression that March = warm weather but I was in fact wrong. March just likes to tease us with nice weather and then be all like MWAHAHAHA SIKE! Here's some more winter for you! So instead of riding bikes, I went to spin class. (OMG go me! I worked out both days this weekend. WHAT! who am I?)

Then I did some major retail therapy with my mom. Welcome to my wardrobe, new Anthropologie tank tops. I love you and I can't wait til it's warm enough to wear you. And new Under Armor shoes, I can't wait to take you to the gym.

THEN, because I'm an awesome girlfriend, I followed Josh out to a field near the house in the freezing @$$ cold lugging all kind of photography equipment and then proceeded to take the best picture of him ever.


Week Seven
Yes yes, arguably the best picture I've ever taken.

Okay, so it was pretty much all Josh's work. He found the location, set up all the lights, came up with the pose, and did all the post-processing. BUT, I did contort myself into weird angles to take this photo of him and ultimately, I was the one who pushed the shutter button. So pretty much it's the best photo I've ever taken and I'm awesome. The end. (p.s. Josh you're welcome and I love you even if you don't give me credit on your blog and on flickr ;))

I think it looks like it should be an ad for a running shoe in Runners' World or something.

I also took this photo:

Which isn't the best photo I've ever taken, but it was better than all of these:

week 9
Week 9 of Watch Lola Grow. She's 16 weeks old now! Baby girl is gettin' squirmy and has pretty much decided that she doesn't like photo shoots anymore. Better get used to 'em. We take a LOT of photos around here. It's kind of a miracle that we got one decent one.

So, let's compare.

watch lola grow
Holy cow, she's getting huge. Week 3 her head didn't even make it up to Kosmo's collar and now look how tall she is! She's going to the vet for her last round of shots today, I can't wait to see how much she weighs now!

We finished out the weekend with dinner with our friends at Texas Roadhouse... love their sweet potatoes!

So yes, that pretty much sums up my weekend. Totally low-key, but pretty much perfect despite the cold and the rain. Now, t-minus 5 days until the 10K! Even though I will have to walk the majority of it, I am super excited! Looking forward to a weekend filled with family (birthdays!!) and running, why is it only Monday?!

Work out plan for this week--
Sunday: spin class (check!)
Monday: spin class
Tuesday: weight training if I get off in time, walk/run 2-3 miles with mom
Wednesday: spin class, walk/run 2-3 miles with mom
Thursday: weight training if I get off in time, if not then spin class
Friday: walk/run 2-3 miles with mom
Saturday: 10K!!!

What did you do this weekend? What are you looking forward to?

P.S. I shared my Tagalongs with Josh this weekend. That is true love.