My sort of reviews on Graston and the pants.

Ok, so I promised I would explain what Graston is and I haven't done it yet. Mostly because the only word I can think of to describe it is torture. But I'm not one to break promises, so I'll attempt to explain it here.

Basically, he uses one of these instruments:

and scrapes it down the side of my thigh (IT band) and while he's doing that sometimes he moves my leg around. It hurts pretty bad but usually once you're at the point where you're like OMG *&$#* I can't handle this anymore!!1!!1!! it's over. Sometimes he does it while I'm laying down (as pictured -- no that's not me) or sometimes he has me doing a squat while balancing on one leg (that's always fun).

Basically I think what Graston does is it gets deep into the tissue to release the scar tissue that has built up from the injury.

Then he does Active Release Technique which is kind of like a deep tissue massage (no instruments). It hurts as well but kind of in a good way.

I have no idea if this really helps explain anything. If you have a specific question about it, feel free to ask me. Most questions I've gotten are just What exactly is it? and What does he do? So, that's pretty much it. The whole appointment usually only lasts like 10-15 minutes.

What do I think about it/would I recommend it?
It does hurt, but honestly it's not that bad. I am a huge baby and I was literally expecting to cry and every time I've left I've thought Oh, that was easier than I thought it would be. The worst time was the day I had a huge bruise left over from my previous appt. and he had to do Graston on top of my bruise... the bruise definitely hurt more than the actual Graston.

Immediately after the appt. my leg always feels really loose and awesome. It's usually kind of sore the next day and then the bruise develops. I still have a pretty sweet one from last week.

It's kind of hard for me to tell if it "it's working" since my IT band pretty much only hurts when I'm running, and as you know I haven't been running. Typically, he will have you keep running since most people go while they are training for something and have gotten injured. Since I opted out of the marathon there's not a huge rush for me to get back out there so I'm just taking time off and trying to let it completely heal without trying to push through it. BUT I do think it is helping and I have 3 close friends (including Josh) who have had it done and swear by it.

So that being said, yes I would recommend it.

On a related note, I did run yesterday and I did try out the pants!!

IMAG0374we don't own a full-length mirror (I KNOW! how do I leave the house every day?!) so I'm standing on the guest bed... I wanted to get a full view of the pants!

My run only equaled 1.25 miles including warm-up and I think I will notice the benefits of these pants more on runs that are like 10 miles long, but I definitely felt very supported. Mucho support around the knees and thighs.. and even the abs. Will report back once they carry me through a longer run (like maybe next weekend's 10k, although it will be a walk/run).

IMAG0375sweet pantalones!

And check out my cool handband!!

redwhy yes, I do have a nice camera that has a self-timer, but here I am using my cell phone. The 15-year-old in me will not die.

My friend Abbi from running group made it... she is so crafty! Seriously.. she makes her own everything. Even yogurt. I wish I was that cool. But anyway, the headband is pretty awesome because it has another band to hold down those annoying wispy bangs that always pop up. I usually have to bobbi-pin them down (which doesn't even really work) and with this head band I used a grand total of 0 bobbi pins!!

Happy Tuesday and Happy March!! Can you believe it's already March?! I can't.
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