New ride!

Yesterday's work out: 25 min Total Abs class, 1 hour spin class, and a loop around the neighborhood on my NEW BIKE!!!

So I'm now one step closer to being able to do a triathlon!!! I got a bike!! Well, I am just borrowing it indefinitely, but I have one that I can ride anytime I want now!! And I got some cycling shoes last night (which also work on the bikes in my spin classes so that's cool) so I'm all set. I have been wanting a bike forevvvver (you may remember my feelings when Josh got a bike) so I am excited!!!

Josh and I took a spin around the neighborhood last night and besides the fact that it was FREEZING, it felt awesome! Can't wait to take it out for a real ride!

I am also hoping to do a "sprint" triathlon at the beginning of April. It's an 8 mile bike ride, 2 mile run, then some distance of swimming that I forgot. I definitely need some practice on the bike before I try a triathlon... and I should probably practice swimming as well considering I don't know the proper way to swim (I can keep myself up but I've never had lessons on the right way to do it or anything)... and hopefully I can run 2 miles by then (please DEAR GOD let me be able to run 2 miles by then!!) Wow, I sound very prepared for this triathlon!! haha! we'll see how it goes...