snowy saturday & ski socks


i can't believe april starts this week. i'm wondering where this year is going?! i don't wanna wish my life away, but i for one will be glad to see march go. it wasn't my happiest of months. i'm hoping april brings happier things... even if my first marathon isn't one of them, as originally planned. but cookouts with friends & family, a reunion with my tennessee friends, a couple birthdays, and maybe a little sky diving? sounds good to me. oh, and if that 70 degree weather would come back, that'd be nice too.

we woke up to this on saturday morning:


SNOW. not much, but too much at the same time. luckily it didn't stick around long but it did prevent me from riding my bike this weekend :( instead, i went to group power (weight training) and dragged josh with me, thus breaking his 4 month streak of paying for a gym membership and not going to the gym. you're welcome, B.

speaking of my B, i got to be the model for his 52 project this week. it started off as a weekly self-portrait but i guess he has gotten tired of taking pictures of himself, so this week he took a picture of me in front of the new background we got in our basement studio.


i was having a much better hair day until i accidentally took a nap. oh well, sundays are for naps so here is my nap-hair (nappy hair?) in all its glory.

here's the set-up shot, complete with my signature "model pose."

i don't know why tyra banks hasn't called me yet. clearly i am america's next top model. do you notice my socks?

they are actually ski socks because it's super cold in the basement. well, josh would argue otherwise, but it is super cold to me!

and that brings us to your favorite part of monday posts (oh, just my favorite part? oh well, whatevs) the weekly lola update!

Week 12 - 19 weeks old

my baby girl is getting so big! this week she has learned to jump onto the bed (which is not an easy feat!) and now kosmo has no where to escape from her! she has also taken to eating dandelions and still snores like a champ. i am wondering if she's going to be bigger than kosmo?!

week 12
awww, look how wittle she used to be! love her.

so.... that's all i got. i hope your weekends were fabulous.