All-star ice cream eater.

I always have high hopes for weekends and tend to pack them as full as possible... which sometimes leads to disappointment when some things don't get accomplished (it's usually the laundry) but usually guarantees at least some fun and a satisfactory feeling of hey, things are just as they should be.

Let's re-visit my goals for this weekend, shall we?
  • run 3 miles
  • go on a 25-ish mile bike ride (read: long bike ride)
  • organize my office
  • get stuff together to sell on ebay
So I only accomplished 50% but at least they were the fun two so def a success in my book.

The run: I ran 3 miles on Saturday morning and let me just tell you, it was amazing. The weather was perfect (at least until it started hailing about 10 minutes after I was done), I ran my old regular route, I felt like my old self, and it was just awesome. And the best part? NO IT PAIN!!!!!!! So happy! The legs were a little tight, but no PAIN! I am going to stick to running 2-3 miles for the next couple weeks to make sure it doesn't come back and then I'll try upping my speed and mileage if all goes well.

The bike ride: I went bike riding with Josh yesterday morning but we got a bit of a late start and I had to be back to meet my mom for our bi-weekly grocery date (yes, we are cool and we spend time together grocery shopping) otherwise I'm pretty sure I could have ridden forever! At least until it got to be 86 degrees in the afternoon. EIGHTY-SIX. But we still made it 14-ish miles and although that's 9 less than my 25 mile goal, I don't even care. 25 miles was a randomly picked number anyway. Oh man, I love my bike. It was so much fun. I thought we were getting pulled over at one point ha! And I love that I can ride with Josh. We can't run together so I'm happy we can ride together even if he has to circle back sometimes because I just about die going up hills and he just breezes right on up them.

And for those that have asked, my bike is a Giant Avail 3 road bike and we ride just about anywhere & everywhere, and it's always on the regular road right along with traffic -- no bike paths around here that I know of. Yes, it's scary sometimes, like on Saturday we were on a hilly, narrow road and a car came up behind us. I started going really fast down a hill which was scary enough, but the car was also right behind me and wouldn't pass me! At one point I had accepted my fate -- I was going to fall off the bike and this car was going to run me right over. Remember, always wear a helmet, ride your bike in the same direction as traffic (you run in the opposite direction), and give cars signals with your arms when you want to turn.

I wore this to the grocery right after I got done riding and right before I left, Josh was all like Are you really going to wear THAT to the store? Clearly B has no style and doesn't realize that all the cool kids are wearing navy blue with black spandex capris that have a pink stripe down the side. I know, I'm working on him.

It is highly unfortunate that I didn't get my office organized, because this is the current state of it:

Piles of clothes everywhere. Random empty boxes. Random stuff that needs to be hung up/put away. Stuff I don't know what to do with. Curtains from Anthropologie that I ordered on sale that I reeallllly want to hang up but they need to be altered because they're too long, which I knew when I ordered them but I had to buy them cause they were on sale!

I did start to organize it though... see the table/desk was in front of the window (where the chair is) and we moved it to the side.... and yes, the chair is still right where it is in the picture. I didn't want to strain myself.

It's eBay central up there. The piles of clothes have been gone through but the bags still need to be sorted... and this is all my stuff. B has yet to remove anything from his side of the closet to sell on ebay/donate to Goodwill. I was going to sort more clothes, but I had much better things to do. Like photograph my feet.

I love toe stickers.

And play with my girl.

She likes to play in my office and climb on the mountains of clothes. My apologies to anyone who buys them from eBay.

Plus it was just way too nice out to be stuck upstairs, so we went to Gage's (B's newphew) t-ball game. :)

Dude. T-ball games are the shizz. If I was gonna play a sport, it'd totally be t-ball. You can run the bases even if you really strike out and nobody cares. Or knows the difference. If you can't hit the ball when it's pitched to you, you get to hit it off a stick right in front of you. Now that's my kinda sport. (Yes, I also enjoy bowling with the bumpers on the side, thank you for asking. I'm an all-star athlete.)

After the game the kids all got cupcakes, which was Gage's favorite part of t-ball -- hey, I don't blame him. It probably would have been mine, too.

Morgan licked all the pink icing off of her's, then Gage ate her cupcake after he ate his... so naturally we took them out for ice cream afterwards. Kids all jacked up on sugar? Sure why not, they aren't going home with us ;-)

ice cream
Ice cream for dinner! (we also had Golden Twist on the way to the game... love my ice cream:)

ice cream

So yeah... a good run (finally!), a fun bike ride, ice cream x2, a t-ball game with the kiddos, walks with the doggies, grocery trip with mom, a delicious dinner to celebrate a friend's birthday (not pictured :() and a photo shoot in which Josh made me look like a model! (also not pictured)... successful weekend even if my office is still a disaster!

Happy Monday.