We started off Easter morning with some peanut butter pancakes.
Usually I make them, but this time Josh decided he would do the honors while I went and ran a couple errands.
Turns out, there's a reason I usually make the pancakes. He added an extra cup of milk to the mix which resulted in something more along the lines of pan-crepes... or flatbreads.

Personally, I think he was just sabotaging himself so as to not have to make the pancakes next time ;-)
P.S. They still tasted delicious, so pan-crepes or not, I think Chef B is still in the running for Master Peanut Butter Pancake Maker. I'm on to your plan B, and it failed! :)

When I left to run errands, I noticed 2 little baby turtles in the middle of the road right down the street. So of course I stopped my car, got out, and moved them back to the grass so they wouldn't get run over. Then I immediately called Josh and told him to walk around the neighborhood and move all the other baby turtles out of the road so they wouldn't get hit by cars.

The plus side to living right by a lake? Having adorable baby turtles show up in your yard and on your street.
The HUUUUGE down side? Seeing them squished in the road on your nightly walks :(

When I got home Josh was no where to be found but a few moments later he returned with a tub full of 14 baby turtles!!!
IMG_0026.jpgHis nose is peeling.. that means he's growing :)

Cutest little things ever! Before we took them back to the lake, we made another loop around the neighborhood and found 4 more. On the way out of the neighborhood for Easter dinner, we found another 4... for a total of 22 baby turtles so far!

We celebrated Easter at Josh's parents' house.

It was raining yet again, but we still managed to have an Easter egg hunt for the kiddos.

Good face, Amy.

And, I think we'll end on that note.

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend... a little more dry than our's.