My first triathlon!

So my first triathlon is officially complete! And I think it's safe to say it won't be my last... I had a blast!

I wasn't sure how it would go since as you know I didn't really train for it. I just got my bike a couple weeks ago, I swam for the first time on Friday, and then on Saturday I went for my first run in 2 months and my calves got really REALLY tight. It hurt to walk. So my goal was pretty much just to finish, have fun, and not come in last! ;) And since I didn't really have an idea of how long it would take me, I was hoping to finish in twice as long as Ryan's projected time (45 minutes)... which gave me an hour and a half.

Ryan, Heather, me, and Josh

Ryan and I were the triathletes... it was the first tri for both of us! It made me feel better to have someone else there who was nervous about the same random things as me. We were both pretty nervous about the bike portion.. that we wouldn't be able to clip our shoes in and that we would either crash into someone or fall off. Luckily we had a great cheer team/support/photographers! Along with Josh and Heather, my mom and Mark (not pictured) were also there to help out.

Pretty soon they went over all the biking rules, then we lined up and we were off.


The bike ride was 3 loops equaling 8 miles. During the first loop I dreaded doing it 2 more times (there was a huge -- to me -- hill) but it really wasn't bad. Laps 2 and 3 seemed to fly by and then I was done!

Bike: 8 miles, 29:40

I put my bike up and met my mom who had my running shoes. Sat down and quickly changed them and then I was off to run!

T1: 1:07

I was kind of nervous about the run since my calves had been so tight and I had heard all these horror stories like when Josh did the same tri 2 years ago he had to walk the first mile. And my friend and fellow triathlete/runner Aaron said it usually takes him a mile or so to feel "normal" while running right after biking. So, I was prepared to walk. A lot.

I surprised myself and I didn't walk at all until I reached the water stop and then I only walked to take a sip of water, just a few seconds. My legs did feel weird for about the first mile and I felt like I was going super slow despite the 10 minute pace my watch was registering (which is decent for me.)

It was a 2 mile out & back course. The first seemed like the longest mile ever, especially without my ipod and I kept wondering where we were going to turn around! We finally did and then the mile back thankfully seemed much shorter although I was going slower.


It ended with you running up the flood wall... luckily Aaron ran up it with me otherwise I'm sure I probably would have walked!

Over all, I was really surprised by how well the run went for me. Given all my random circumstances (no brick training, not running in 2 months, IT injury, and tight calves) I was sure that I would either walk a lot or be really, really slow but it went great! AND no IT pain afterwards, even today!!

Run: 2 miles, 22:16 (I think it was actually a bit longer than 2 miles)

Then it was off to the pool! The transition to swimming took me a bit longer because first I had to locate my mom which took a bit, then I had to take off my clothes (and I had accidentally pinned one of my safety pins into my swim suit) and my watch and get my hair into my swim cap.

T2: 1:48

My biggest fear about the swimming part would just be that I was so exhausted from already biking and running that it took forever. But actually, as soon as I dipped into the water it felt nice and refreshing!


I have really good form.

I swam up and back, up and back, up and back...6 times.. and before I knew it I was in the last lane and it was over!!


Swim: 300 yards, 7:04

Total time: 1 hour & 6 minutes

Afterwards we stuck around for the awards and stuff... Ryan won 2nd in his age group! Unfortunately I will never win anything in my age group when Renee is in it.

me, Renee, & Sheri

She's super fast (& won our age group!)

Thanks for running up the hill with me, Aaron!

Then a group of us went across the street to re-fuel with some pizza! All in all, a very good day! :)

Can't wait for my next TRI! Next time I think I will definitely try to train a little more, but I'm happy with how I did! I met ALL of my goals and beat my time goal by 24 minutes! :-D

P.S. Thanks to my wonderful B for all these photos!!!