Proof that I don't always wear workout clothes.

Josh and I (mostly Josh) are working on building our photography portfolio, so on Saturday we went location scouting for a couple of upcoming shoots with some real-life clients. As per usual, I got to be the awkward model, while Josh practiced posing & communicating with the subject (me), setting up the lights, etc.

So anyway, here are a few of the shots we took:

shootjacket - Abercrombie & Fitch; tank - Gap; skirt - BCBG Max Azria; boots - Frye

And I took a couple of B, too:


Modeling is tough, y'all. I know these poses don't look too complicated but really, they are. You have to stretch all weird and position yourself in ways that are not natural. Then you have to hold it for long enough for the photographer to get a good shot... which is a lot longer than normal when the wind is blowing like crazy.

I still feel weird in front of the camera, but I'm getting more used to it and B always takes cool photos so I like the outcomes.

Fun day.


It was brought to my attention that I didn't update you on the growth of Lola. I know you were devastated.

My bad.

Here she is... week 14. She's 21 weeks old now, AKA she turned 5 months old on Monday.
Week 14 - 21 weeks old
week 14

Major milestone this week!: She no longer inhales her food! Before she would eat every morsel in her bowl as quickly as possible, but this weekend she actually left some food in her bowl after breakfast and we were SHOCKED! I wondered if she was sick. She's not -- she still eats, fo sho -- but I think she is finally listening to her appetite.

She also likes to run around like a crazy lady, so we are getting an Invisible Fence. I can't wait. It will be really nice not to have to run around the entire perimeter of the yard a million times trying to get her to come inside.

Happy Wednesday!!! (Wednesday already?) I'm thinking sushi tonight... what are your plans?