so i was gonna blog about how we went to a bats game last night [opening night] but all the pictures i took have mysteriously disappeared. ughh. i have no idea how that happens.. how they just vanish from the memory card. they were there last night when we got home but when i went to upload them they were gone. not all the ones from the memory card, just the ones from last night. so weird. it's happened once before and it drives me freakin' crazy. luckily they weren't of anything super important.

so anyway. the bats lost but we got kizito cookies so the night wasn't a total bust.

hopefully this year we will make it to more games... last year we only went on opening night. lame.


rachel sent me an invite to pinterest and i have already wasted several hours of my life on there. so fun. anyone else on there?

i'm jumping around topics a lot today! wooo

my goals for this weekend are as follows:
- run 3 miles. yes, i think it may be time to try running again. i made it through 4 miles last weekend (2 on saturday and 2 on sunday at the tri) plus the rest of the tri with no IT pain so i am hoping that's a sign that i can get back to running!!! cross yo fingers. it's been since like february something (and even then it was only 1.5 miles.. my last REAL run was like the end of jan!!) and it's going to get harder to not be running with all this gorgeous weather we're having!

- go on a 25 mile bike ride. give or take a few miles. i just wanna get out there and go on a nice, long ride.

- organize my office. this has been on my to-do list for like all year and it hasn't gotten done yet. so maybe if i blog about it, that will keep me accountable? not that most of you will ever see my office so it's not like you'll know anyway... but here's hoping.

- get stuff together to sell on ebay. we srsly need to clean out our closets.

i think that's it. besides the normal clean house, do laundry, and grocery shop. wooo. fave girlfriend chores ever.

what do you have planned this weekend?

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