Some Randoms.

Addressing some random stuff people have asked about lately.

The Shred.
It's going well.I started it on April 1st with the intention of doing it for 30 days in addition to my other workouts, not instead of. I did it on the 1st and 2nd, then missed a day on the 3rd because of my triathlon. I resumed it on the 4th and have been doing it ever since with my mom every evening. We skipped the weekend, though (her idea) but I'm just proud of her for sticking with it every week night!

I may, however, be sabotaging my results because while I didn't intend for it to replace my regular workouts, I didn't make it to the gym at all last week. Super busy every night. At least I had the Shred to do. That's one reason I like it -- it's only 20 minutes long so really, there are no excuses not to do it and it's easy to fit in when you're pressed for time.

Plus, this happened Monday night:


And somehow these made their way into my cart at the store on Sunday:

And let's not forget this that happened on Sunday:

ice cream
So yeah, we'll see.

I've always loved taking pictures, and when I was younger my mom hated this because film and getting it developed wasn't free. Now, she still gets onto me for taking pictures all.the.time. but luckily it's free now (I love you, whoever created digital cameras!) AND I have a reason to do so (thank you, little blog!)

When I got my first DSLR, I had no idea what I was doing. I took a lot of really bad pictures that I thought were really good. But I dove right in and I'm learning and getting better. And I'm excited for how much more I'll learn in the next 2 years. Josh is the technical brains of our little photography operation. He is in charge of the lighting and all that stuff.. I know nothing about it but I am a very good assistant :) And one day I plan on making him give me a crash course in lighting so I can try stuff on my own.... one day.

Some outtakes from our recent shoot.
This is how I really felt during our photo shoot ;-) But B knows what he's doing and the final shots were awesome... I just thought these were funny.

b pose
Man, that last post there... I might have felt silly doing some of the other ones, but to my surprise they actually came out looking pretty cool. Seriously, a lot of times B would be posing me and I would be like really? this is going to look ridiculous! and then he shot it and I looked at it and I was like oh, wow! that's actually kind of cool. how the heck did you know that?! But this one.. I just could not make it work. The sun was in my face. It was hot. I didn't know what to do with my leg or my arms, no matter what Josh said. Ha. Sorry, Josh. :)

Photos were taken in downtown Louisville with a Canon 60D, a 70-200mm lens (I think?) and some lights (you'll have to ask Josh if you want light specifics).
My favorite lens for everyday shooting is the 17-55 f2.8.

As far as advice for new photographers... just do it. I learned best by doing. If you like reading, anything by Scott Kelby is good and helpful. More photography FAQ is here.


Someone asked how I knew which bike to get. The answer is, I didn't.
Josh surprised me with it, so I never did go through the whole process of deciding which one to get. And luckily, I know he always gets the best and I love love love it, so we're good. It's a road bike and perfect for what I want to do. I couldn't do Ironman on it, but I don't foresee myself ever trying to ride that much (112 miles!), but I could probably do a 50 mile ride on it if I wanted to (and I would like to someday.)

We did go to the bike shop last fall and look at bikes though, which is what I would recommend doing if you're looking at getting a bike. You can tell them what you want to do with it (leisure riding, racing, triathlons, etc) and they can help you pick one out that fits your needs and budget.

I'll share the link if when I ever get the stuff actually listed. You saw my office. We'll see if that ever happens ;-)

And I think that may be it! If you have any questions about anything you see on this blog, feel free to ask!

The week is almost over, hallelujah! Except not 'cause this weekend is supposed to be yucky and we have outdoor plans :(

Oh well, enjoy your Thursday! :D