Swimming, shopping, & some steak.. AKA our Friday night through the eyes of my cellular.

Big news! I went swimming yesterday!

I figured that might be a good idea since I am doing a triathlon tomorrow. I also figured it might be a good idea to own a bathing suit, so off to Dick's I went. Did you know that athletic bathing suits are like $50-75+?!? Yeah, I am a cheapie and def did not want to spend that much money. I was prepared to leave empty-handed and just do the swim in my running shorts and sports bra. But then, lo and behold! I saw the kids' rack. Out of desperation, I tried on the biggest one they had (girls size 16) because they were only $30. And what do you know, even though I haven't worn that size since like 5th grade, it fit like a glove! AND it's hot pink and black which is much cooler than the boring womens suits, and it will match my bike and helmet! (Because that's important you know).

swim suit
I'm not a fan of the uni-boob that one-pieces turn my chest into, but hey whatevs. Oh PS these pics were taken in our upstairs guest bathroom that I recently re-decorated... isn't this the cutest picture?!


Now I just need my B to hang it up for me!

Back on topic.

I loved swimming! Got a great workout in and felt nice and refreshed afterwards! Plus, swimming is supposed to be awesome for you when you are injured and can't run. Although I did run today. First time in like 6 or 7 weeks (I stopped counting because it was making me depressed). 2 miles and no IT pain! My calves are super tight now though. I still don't think I'm healed, but at least it's a start and hopefully I can make it through the tri! :) I've now done each of the events (biking, running, swimming) individually... now tomorrow I just have to do them back to back. In related news, I think we might even switch gyms so we can start swimming regularly!

After swimming, Josh dragged me shopping with him. Yes, for once I had to sit and wait on him trying on clothes instead of him waiting on me. We are an equal-opportunity relationship.


I think I was supposed to be giving him fashion advice (because clearly I'm at the top of US Weekly's best dressed list) but I was obviously busy taking pictures of myself.

He tried on this slim fitted "wrinkle free" shirt, which looks surprisingly wrinkled for a self-proclaimed wrinkle free shirt. hmmm? What up with that, Chaps?

THEN. We kept it classy and went to Tumbleweed for dinner. Is that a chain restaurant or just local? We didn't have them in TN when I lived there. Anyway, I used to love it and go there all the time but I guess in the past few years it's downgraded a few levels. I wasn't really impressed. Plus to top off the night, Josh had an awesome view from his side of the table, as displayed in photo 2 below...

Dude's crotch right above my massive forehead head. What could be better?

Then we came home and watched Buried with Ryan Reynolds which is pretty much a movie about my biggest fear ever... being buried alive.


Good movie though minus the part about not getting to see Ryan Reynold's abs.

Also, just putting this out there.... I also bought this yesterday:

I've heard so much about it and even though I am not typically very good at working out at home, I want to try it. So. I am going to try my best to do it every single day for the month of April along with my other normal workouts. It's only 20 minutes, surely I can squeeze that in somewhere, right? I've already done day 1 & 2... so we'll see how this goes! I'll post my results at the end of the month.

Well, Josh and I have a hot date tonight! (Much classier than the Friday night edition ;)) so I'm pretty excited...and then my first triathlon is in the morning! AND the weather is gorgeous! It's looking like a really good weekend! Hope your's is as well! :)

Has anyone done the 30 day Shred? Did you have good results?