Tidbits from Tuesday.

For some reason I keep thinking today is Thursday.
Not good, considering it's only Wednesday.
The only time it's good to think that it's Thursday and it's not is when it's actually Friday.
Follow that?

It's probably because I worked 10 hours yesterday and then stressed myself out about not being able to make it somewhere before they closed afterwards (for the 2nd day in a row... today is my last chance!!), and then immediately met a friend for dinner. Meeting my friend for dinner was good, but the rest made for a somewhat stressful day. Phew. Plus I hate getting home late and only having about an hour or so to relax before bed. But! I'm not complaining, there were many happy things that filled up my Tuesday...

The sun peeked out yesterday!
He came out to play for just a little bit.
He didn't stay long, and he hasn't been back since, but it was kind of like a little visit just to say hey, don't worry, I'm still around and I promise I'll be back.

Come back again soon, Mr. Sun, okay? And stay a little longer next time.

It's raining again....

Watch Lola Grow.
You guys, my girl won't stop growing.
I've asked nicely but she just won't stop.
Week 16 - 23 weeks old
We are on week 16 of our little Watch Lola Grow project...to put that into perspective for all my running friends out there, that's a whole training cycle!

Speaking of training cycle, my 1st marathon was scheduled for this Saturday.. I am a bit bummed it's not happening (well, the marathon is still happening, I just won't be running it) but that's neither here nor there.

Anyway, look how big she's gotten.

lola week 16
Methinks she might end up being bigger than the Kosmo. She's not quite as tall as him yet, but she looks wider to me.

Invisible Fence.

We gots one.
They installed it yesterday, much to my surprise. I was sure they would cancel considering we're all probably going to be heading for the Ark soon. But it's here and training will commence whenever the promise of the rainbow kicks in. I'm super excited about it because then I will no longer have to worry about chasing Lola down the street in heels (this almost happened on Monday, but thankfully, it didn't)

Mom dates.
Mom and I have still been doing the Shred mostly every night.
We've graduated to level 3 and I love it.
I've kinda lost track of what day we're on now though.
We missed a day last week, and I think we'll miss one this week...so busy!
I know it's only a 20 minute workout so it shouldn't be hard to fit it in, but it kind of is when you have to coordinate two peoples' schedules..

Oh well, at least we're still going... ;)

Happy whatever-day-it-is, to you! Hope it is filled with happy things! :)
(like maybe cute little puppies who sleep with one eye open)