VIP, yo!

We had a hot date Saturday night. The kind where I got to wear a dress & heels and Josh wore a suit & tie. We went to a self-proclaimed "black tie" event. Dress to impress. It felt like prom. Ha.

getting ready
But it wasn't. It was our friend Chip's 21st VIP Birthday Bash.

Good friends, good food, and lots of dancing were involved. Pretty awesome shindig to celebrate a 21st, I'd say.

Happy Birthday, Chip! Hope it was great.


A couple months ago, I was contacted by the wonderful Megan from She asked me if I wanted to design some stuff so even though designing is definitely not my forte, of course I said yes!

I ended up designing a bumper sticker, a sign for my family to hold at my first marathon (whenever that is), and the banners for Chip's party!


Here's the sign I designed... and Josh practicing cheering for me!


And this was my bumper sticker design:

If you need any custom signs, bumper stickers, banners, or other swag check out BuildASign! It is incredibly easy to design your stuff using their website, the customer service was awesome, and everything I received was very high quality! Thanks, Megan... love it all!

Hope everyone had a great weekend... what did you do?

Check back soon for my triathlon re-cap! :)