B's Birthday!

Happy Birthday!

Our weekend was chalk full of fun stuff to celebrate my B's birthday! I love birthdays!! Something about coming together with people you love to celebrate life... and umm, usually cake is involved too, so that's always good.

The birthday celebrations commenced on Thursday night with a dinner out with friends for some yummy steak!


Upon arriving at Longhorn, a cute little duck followed us into the restaurant.

What the duck?!

She was so cute. Unfortunately, they kicked her out (I don't know why?!) but she waited by the door hoping someone would let her in. I thought rainy was her kinda weather though? She should have loved being outside!

Friday night (B's actual b-day) we had everyone over for another birthday cookout! (I love birthday months!)


This time the Sun cooperated and the weather was perfect.


The guys were able to grill out outside -- and use my dying ferns as Tupperware holders. My poor little ferns, they did pretty well in the basement this winter up until about 2 weeks before it was warm enough to move them outside.. now they look like they're on the brink of death. My mom thinks they'll snap out of it, but so far no luck. Hopefully soon though, so I can move them to the front porch! -- Anywho, we had delicious ribs and burgers & hot dogs for the kids!

And somebody brought junk food!

junk food

Orange soda and BBQ chips! How long has it been since I've had orange soda? Or soda at all for that matter? Too long, apparently.

B had some really cute party guests!

lola kissesLola LOVES kissing babies!

angry birds

Oh, what's that?! It's been awhile, but the Angry Birds even made an appearance, too! I believe if I was down with the hip lingo the teenagers are using these days, this is where I would say smh. I am learning all kinds of acronyms from hanging out with my mom's boyfriend's teenage daughters.

After dinner, it was time for cake!

cakecarrot cake (B's favorite). got lots of compliments... thank you, Betty Crocker!

We all sang Happy Birthday, B! and he blew out his candles! Hope your wish comes true!! ;)

Then the sticky fingers came out and wanted to lick the candles.


I'll hand it to Gage though, he hasn't stuck his fingers in any cakes this year like he usually does! :)

It was all too much excitement for these two..


Saturday morning started with peanut butter pancakes (I made them this time ;)) and a neighborhood walk with the babies. Wet & muddy grass + puppies who like to jump = dirty little girl who needs a bath.


Then we went on a bike ride! Pretty proud of myself for exercising every day this weekend... I thought I wasn't gonna have time to fit in any workouts, but I managed to get in a 3.8 mile run on Friday, a 20 mile bike ride on Saturday, and a 3 mile run on Sunday. GO ME! :)

If you add it up it's almost the distance of a marathon (26.2) so I guess you could say I did it in honor of the marathon I was hoping to run on Saturday. We watched a little of the race coverage on TV and I'll admit I was a little sad I wasn't out there running :( But I know there's always next year... or this fall ;) Congrats to all my friends who ran this weekend including Erica who came out with a smashing PR!!!!

Happy Birthday, B! Wishing you the best year ever! I love you!!

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