Down in the Dumps Derby & Happy Mother's Day

i really don't have much to say about this weekend, even though it was a pretty big weekend for our area being the Derby and all.

saturday was just weird.
i was in a funk for no apparent reason.
usually i can pinpoint something that's bothering me, but saturday i couldn't.. which in some ways made it worse.
but i'll start off with thursday (even though it's not the weekend) and friday because those were good.



had dinner with erica! good to catch up with her and hear all about how life is going in boston and how she did in the half marathon last weekend!

i did a mini photo shoot with kate the great.
that dress was made by her great-grandma (i think) for her aunt when she was a baby...years ago! so kate's mommy wanted a picture of her in the dress to give her great-grandma. little kate was so cute, i almost wanted to steal her!!

so that brings us to saturday.
i'm pretty sure i woke up on the right side of the bed (which for me is the left side).
i did my usual lazy weekend morning routine which consists of: pee > let lola out to go pee > go back to bed.
okay good, nothing so far that should trigger random blahh moods.

however...when i took lola out, she got distracted and started running towards the street.
this was bad because 1) she didn't have her invisible fence collar on which meant she could get out of the yard (i didn't put it on her because usually in the mornings she does her business then runs right back inside to eat. when food is involved, my baby girl is on it!) 2) there was a neighborhood yard sale going on (that i forgot about) which meant there were lots of cars going down our usually peaceful street 3) i was still wearing my pajamas..

unfortunately, my perfect baby girl does not listen very well to her mommy when she wants to run around like a crazy lunatic. so there i was chasing her down the street in my pajamas in front of all our neighbors and all these cars i'm trying to get to not run her over.
i'm yelling at her and she does not listen. it is both frustrating and embarrassing.
yeah, not a great start to my saturday.
so once i got her in i just sat down and cried.
usually something like that might make me aggravated, but i didn't think i'd cry over it.
the only thing i can think of is that it made me think of tobey. he got hit by a car, and lola was running right out in front of cars.

so, that's how my weekend started. here's a list of how the rest of the weekend played out (positives & negatives version):

+ that afternoon i went shopping with my mom
- not a good shopping day...couldn't find anything we wanted
+ / - got ice cream. tasted good but it didn't really help
+ took a really good afternoon nap
+ spent the afternoon with mom, mark, josie & emily.. and all 4 boston terriers


+ made a last minute bet on 3 horses for the Derby and one of them actually won!!! go animal kingdom! i was pretty shocked because i never win anything! another one of my horses (mucho macho man) came in 3rd! of course, i didn't get anything for that one but i was still proud. my other horse (archarcharch) got injured :( but luckily, he will be okay!

+ / - the positive: went for a run..... the negative: my piriformis is def injured. i looked it up on the all-knowing wikipedia and this is what it said about piriformis syndrome: "This syndrome occurs when the piriformis irritates the sciatic nerve, which comes into the gluteal region beneath the muscle, causing pain in the buttocks and referred pain along the sciatic nerve." so pretty much after 1 mile i had pain shooting down my leg. fun.
+ did laundry
- didn't get it put away
+ had part of a cupcake and a reese's easter egg
- okay, maybe that should be a negative
- went grocery shopping...blahhh
+ watched lola take a nap with her eyes half open and her little tongue sticking out

lola naps
and i recorded it for you. you're welcome.

apparently my puppy turns into a zombie when she sleeps. precious. (sorry about all the camera shakes. i don't have the steadiest of arms)

so i know it was mother's day and all but my mom is pretty low maintenance so we didn't do anything super special. we were gonna go get mani/pedis with our gift certificates that josh got us for christmas, but the place currently doesn't have a nail tech, so that was out. we went shopping but as you saw, it was a fail. i invited myself over for dinner but they didn't have enough baked potatoes. plus they wanted to eat at like 3pm which is just weird. so i ran to her house on my injured piriformis and she drove me back home. quality mother/daughter time right there. oh yeah, mark was there too.

but at least i got to see her on mother's day. and seriously, she's pretty much the best mom ever. i've said it before but i am so thankful for our awesome relationship and i don't take it for granted. i appreciate everything you do for me! thank you for always being there for me, encouraging me, supporting me, and loving me unconditionally. i'm so blessed to have such an amazing mom! i love you!

and happy (late) mother's day to all you moms out there!! :)