I guess you could say we are "Boston Terrier People"

Last night I went to see little Rubie.
She is just the cutest little thing.

I decided it would be a really awesome idea if we got all 4 Boston Terriers to sit together for a photo. Now that I think about it, I wonder what the heck I was thinking. I should have known it would be next to impossible to get them all to sit at the same time, let alone look in the same direction.

But, since he loves me, Josh went to work with his Boston Terrier magic to get them all to sit. Kosmo, of course, sat the whole time like a good boy because he is the best dog ever. Lola was busy towering over Rubie, and Mack was being really stubborn.

Finally they sat for about .02 seconds and looked in the same direction, even if it wasn't at me.

I love all of them.

And um, seriously. Look how big Lola has gotten in just 4 short months!!!

IMG_0141Don't mind my nasty hair/face/clothes. I had just gotten done with spin class and changed into whatever sweats were laying around the floor.

Where did my baby go?!
Oh well, at least I have tiny little Rubie to enjoy for about 3 days before she's ginormous too. Love her.