Memorial Day Weekend

I have started this post a million times but my mind keeps wandering... I have a trillion things going on right now (okay, not really, but it feels like it) and because I have ADD (okay, not really, but it feels like it... or maybe I do?!) I keep jumping from one thing to another not getting any one thing done. SO this post will be quick... and to the point... with lots of pictures because I feel like I should be doing anything but blogging :)

Hello friends! How was your long weekend?

Our's was a good mixture between go go go and chill. I got a lot of stuff done -- all the laundry, grocery shopping, curtains hung (thanks B!), home decorations bought and placed, yard work done and flowers outside, got a run in, and I even took a nap!

Saturday we went to a cook-out at Josh's parents.

The first order of business was to introduce little Lola to big ole Jake. She kept barking at him like she was a big ferocious girl... until he came out of his kennel and met her face to face. Then she climbed up her Papa's legs to higher ground where she felt nice and safe.

lola and jake
And she would not get down!


I don't even remember what we did on Sunday... I know the day started with a run. A nice, hot run.

Monday night we went to Mom's for another cookout.

photo shoot
IMG_0357doing what 12-year-old's do best...texting :)

IMG_0328Boston Terrier Party!!!

lola upside down

So that was pretty much our Memorial Day Weekend, in pictures...with a few words :)

I know I'm a couple days late, but Thanks to all the service men and women who have made sacrifices for our freedom.. past and present! Specifically, both of my grandpas :) Heroes! Freedom isn't free and I hope we don't take it for granted.

That being said, I can't believe it's June. And 90-something degrees outside! WHERE did spring go?! I think we skipped it.. just went straight from winter to rain to summer. BLAH. Should make marathon training interesting (which starts this weekend, by the way... OMG!)

Anyway, Happy June! I'm off to study more math (I'll explain later..)

P.S. Don't judge me (B) if there are lots of grammatical errors and typos... I am in a hurry and actually not proof-reading this one ;)