M.I.A... it happens occasionally.

hood ornamentmy little hood ornament on the way to my mom's for dinner last night. her papa is gonna kill me when he sees this photo :-/

hey. hello. hi

sorry I've been a little MIA this week... not really been busy, or stressed, or gone, just haven't really had anything to say.

it was brought to my attention yesterday (from my B) that he was patiently waiting for a blog update from me to make his extra long 14 hour work days better. sorry I let you down, B. I hope you can forgive me. here's a quick post to make it all better :-D

I love you B and if you have to go back into work this weekend, here's a little surprise post for your Reader! :)

i'm headed to Nashville today to see a couple of my TN friends! so excited!!

other exciting things coming up, too... stay tuned...

Happy Weekend!

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