Nashvegas! (plus marathon training and stuff)

My weekend was full.
....of [junk] food, good friends, and fun times!

I also learned this weekend that I must be getting old.
My little day trip to Nashville totally took it out of me.
I have no idea how I used to travel to Jackson (2 hours further away) almost every single weekend just a couple years ago.

Anywho. On Saturday I went to Nashville to meet up with my friend Rindi! Nashville is about half way between us so it was a good meeting spot. We met up at Chick Fil A for old time's sake -- it was our go-to place of choice when I lived in Jackson. Of course not much has changed. It's still my go-to place (except on Sundays), I just hardly get to eat there with Rindi anymore :( I can't believe it's been over a year since we'd gotten together! Anyway.. it had to be the busiest Chick Fil A I've ever seen! We ordered some lunch and then headed to the Cheekwood Botanical Gardens.

We wandered around for awhile looking for fields of beauitful colorful flowers like the website suggests they had. Unfortunately, we never found them. It was kind of disappointing. But it was still a neat place and for $5 I guess it wasn't too bad. It was just super hot.

They also had a little art & history museum there.

Neither of us are big history buffs but it was hot outside and cool in there so we went in for a bit. If I remember correctly, this was the house (mansion) that the creators of Maxwell House Coffee lived in back in like 1928 or something....and this wasn't even the whole house. I couldn't get a picture of all of it... can you imagine living in a house that big?! Let alone in the 1920's! Crazy! It was maaaassive.

Then we headed off to the Cheesecake Factory for an early dinner with Lauren before she went to work and before we both headed back home.

Got rear-ended in Rindi's car... right in front of the restaurant! Welcome to Nashville! Luckily, the guy was really nice and apologetic and there was just a tiny scratch on her car and of course no one was injured so that was good!

Then we went inside and we were thinking since it was only 3:30 we'd get seated right away but they had a 45 minute wait! (graduation parties I guess?) So we took "first available" and miraculously, they had a table outside open right up! So even though it was hot as a mug out there we took it since none of us wanted to get home too late. And started raining! BUT we lucked out -- since they were just about to seat us, we ended up getting seated immediately inside! We literally did not wait at all... lucky us!

[I got an amazing little margherita "pizzette" it was delicious, only $5.50, and the perfect size for just me! I brought home a piece of Reese's peanut butter and chocolate cheesecake for me and B to share because I am an awesome girlfriend ;) ... and because I did not need to eat all those calories myself]

Our waitor was hilarious and we were pretty sure he was trying to get a date with one of us... probably Lauren. He took the below photo, a little blurry but whatevs.

At least he got that glass of tea in focus :)

After dinner we said our goodbyes and headed off... I love my TN girls! We definitely need to schedule Nashville days more often :-D

My 3 hour drive home was good for about 2 hours and then I had to call Josh and my mom to tell me stories to keep me awake..and it was only 9:30. Man I am getting old!

p.s. #23 done :)

Sunday morning we had a photo shoot scheduled.
It was super cool.. probably my favorite one yet.
Immediately followed by another girls date -- Heather and I went to see Bridesmaids.
Good movie!
No lunch before movie means lunch = movie theater popcorn.

And then...I came home and crashed.
As in a 3 hour afternoon nap.
Then we went to dinner with the like 8 o'clock (which is a late dinner for me)... and got home at like 10 (which is my bedtime).
And then watched the 2 hour Celebrity Apprentice finale.
And finally went to sleep at like...midnight-thirty.
And I woke up approximately 2384789 times last night.
Bathroom. Storm. Puppy walking on my head. Storm. Bathroom. Bathroom. Puppy.
Good times.
I've got to remember not to drink 3 glasses of sweet delicious tea right before bed and maybe give Lola a tranquilizer.


So. I haven't exercised in 4 whole days and during that time I've eaten pizza, cheesecake, movie theater popcorn (with butter omg!), Mexican food, and I'm sure a bunch of other crap. I didn't necessarily mean to, but it happens sometimes, eh?

And marathon training is supposed to start in like 2 weeks.

So this means I need to get together a training plan and follow it as opposed to randomly running and exercising whenever I feel like it. I also need to be more conscious of what I eat and how much sleep I get so that way I can train as properly as possible and hopefully actually complete a marathon without dying or getting injured.

The mom of the girl we did the photo shoot with yesterday is a nurse and she told me about a 7 day diet that was developed for heart patients to follow before surgery. It's supposed to cleanse your body of all impurities and give you lots of energy. I don't really care about losing a lot of weight (which it's also supposed to do), but I'm all about the energy part of it...and it'd probably be good to give this body a good ol' cleansing. I've never done a cleansing diet before...!

Anyways... you only follow it for 7 days. So I think that's totally doable. I think I will start it tomorrow. After a week of that I may start implementing the Paleo diet. I don't think that's something I would be able to commit to it 100% (I mean, it says you can't have DAIRY! and we all know how I feel about my ice cream!!!!) but the jist of it is cutting out processed foods, which I definitely want to do more of anyway. So I'd be happy if I could commit to it about 75-85% :) But more on that later...

Goals for this week:
  • follow 7 day cleansing/energy boosting diet
  • run 3-4 days this week... 2-3 miles each time during the week then try 4 or 5 this weekend? I need to start building my mileage again.
  • try to get in at least 1 weight training class
  • be in bed by 10pm (asleep by 11 so as to get at least 7 hours of sleep)
  • come up with my marathon training plan
I'll report back tomorrow about day 1 of the diet!

Happy Monday!