As it turns out...

It's Friday, Friday, Friday...

Crap. Now I have that song stuck in my head.
You probably do, too. You're welcome.

Anyway. So a lot of stuff is happening in my life right now. It's all good though so don't worry.

You know how I said yesterday that I was gonna get stuff together to go back to school?
Yeah, I was thinking that would all fall into place for this fall maybe.
Turns out, it all fell into place for this summer.
As in -- I'm taking a summer class.
As in-- it starts Tuesday.
Funny how things just fall into place sometimes.
So, starting Tuesday, the next 8 weeks of my life will be FULL of Anatomy & Physiology.
The second one.
I'm kind of nervous.
So much info is gonna be crammed into 8 short weeks.
I hope they seem short.
And it's been 5 years since I've had A&P I.

So that should be fun.

I'm not sure what this means for marathon training though.
I ran 3 miles yesterday and my piriformis was kinda sore.
Coach B thinks I should just do a half marathon since I'm still semi-injured AND going back to school.
So, I am considering that -- considering it's already really effin' hot here and I don't have a good track record for running in the heat.
Plus I think school should be my top priority right now, and marathon training would take a big time commitment also and I don't want to totally stress myself out (school alone should do that enough for me.)
So, I might just train for another half and just try to be really good/faster at it.
We'll see.

Yesterday on my run I saw these flowers everywhere:


I am really loving yellow right now so I decided I'm going to get some.
Luckily my mom knows everything about flowers so when I showed them to her, she was like Oh yeah those are daylilies....blah blah blah [insert a bunch of random daylily facts here]. (I may be the only person who didn't know this, as everyone and their brother had them in their yard.) Apparently they only come in shades of yellow/orange-ish and if I plant some they'll come back every year. Sweet.

So that's on my to-do list in between everything else going on this weekend (lots of fun stuff!) and studying the organ systems of the human body.


My baby girl is starting class next week too! On Monday she (and Roobee!) will be starting their obedience classes. By the end of this summer Loly and I are gonna be so smart!

Week 19 - 26 weeks oldWeek 19 - 26 weeks old

So yeah. Happy Friday! I'm planning to enjoy this last weekend of freedom and hopefully not stress myself out too much already! Wish me luck...ha!