Back to school, back to school....

I find it ironic that most people are just now getting OUT of school and I am going BACK.
Lucky me!!

So, tomorrow I am embarking on an 8 week academic journey. Should be fun... interesting... challenging....chaotic... awesome?

Lola and Roobee started their 6 week training class tonight!

They both did very well! In fact, Roobee almost slept through the whole thing. Lola barked at everyone when she felt she needed to. But they both did great with their sit's, down's, and watch me's.

I think they're gonna be valedictorians..

T-minus 10 hours and 50 minutes until go-time....

Here goes nothing...

P.S. If you don't hear anything else from me until August 2nd, consider this your notice of my hiatus and just know that that book is consuming my life. I'll be back.