First and foremost -- my thoughts, prayers, and condolences go out to my big brothers and their side of the family (we have different moms). This past Saturday, their cousin Zach -- whom I've met several times but obviously wasn't related to or as close to as my brothers are -- passed away while running the Chicago half marathon. This is the kind of thing you read about, not the kind of thing that hits close to home. He was only 26 years old. So unbelievable. Just really puts life into perspective, you know? How many of us run half marathons or half marathon distance all the time? I can't even imagine lining up at that starting line and never making it home. From what I've read, it was unseasonably hot in Chicago on Saturday and they ended up canceling the race 2 hours in due to the heat. PLEASE be careful running this summer. If it's hot slow down, drink lots of water, and STOP running if you have to. You just never know.

My last hours freedom are dwindling down. Class starts Tuesday morning, bright and early at 8am. So we did the weekend -- my last "free" weekend until August 2nd -- up right. Packed it full of awesomeness!

Goodbye Dinner.
No pictures... oops. Our good friends Eric and Katie are moving to Louisiana! So we had a little send-off dinner at BJ's. We're sad to see them go, but now we have a good excuse to go to Louisiana!! Check out their blog, they are in the process of adopting a baby from the Congo!

Morning run and a T-ball game.

Saturday morning we got up early and did our "long" runs. Josh's was long (9.25 miles... I'm jealous. No seriously) mine wasn't. Marathon training was supposed to start this weekend with a 4.9 mile long run for me, if I was going to train an October marathon. But I already mentioned that I'm still slightly injured, plus starting school, so I've postponed marathon training agaaain. I ran 3 miles to my mom's house and as soon as I turned onto her street I literally had to stop running because my leg hurt so bad. It's frustrating still being injured, but I know I'm doing the right thing.

So yeah, Gage's t-ball game.

IMG_0467Proud g-parents

IMG_0469Do you know what that is? Angry Birds!!.... they're everywhere!

Lunch at Chuy's.
After the game, we had lunch at the new Mexican place since our friend was waitressing. I got a delicious enchilada and in case you were wondering -- no it is definitely NOT on the Paleo-ish diet plan. Also in case you were wondering -- I could TOTALLY tell afterwards. I felt like crap. It almost makes the 30 minutes of enjoying a delicious wrap filled with chicken and queso on top not even worth it. I felt so bad afterwards that I came home and took a 3 hour nap! I can't wait to get back on track this week!

Dinner and a Comedy Show.
No pictures again... man, sometimes I'm a slacker! Anywho, we had dinner with a big group of friends at a little place downtown.. good stuff. I learned my lesson at lunch and ordered a SALAD. Then Josh and I headed across the river to catch Greg Hahn at the Improv. Also good stuff.

Morgan's 4th birthday party.

I spent ALL morning yesterday making a rainbow cake for Morgan's birthday! (seriously, it took over 5 hours!) I had seen the recipe online and have been wanting to try it but didn't really have an occasion, so once Morgan's birthday rolled around I figured it was perfect!

It was a lot of work but it turned out awesome! I'm just glad it turned out and I didn't burn it or drop it in the process!

IMG_0516someone got a brand new big girl bike!

Then we played Putt Putt!

putt putt
putt putt
putt putt
putt puttthat's my "I just beat you" face!, pose?

Happy Birthday, Mo Mo!


So that was my last weekend of freedom.
Good stuff.
Now I have 30 pages of notes to fill out in preparation of tomorrow's big first day.

What did you do this weekend?