how to make the rainbow cake

i've been wanting to make a rainbow cake for awhile now.
i've seen it online and thought it was awesome.
morgan's 4th birthday was the perfect excuse to give it a try!

it's pretty easy to do, it just takes time.

here's what you need:

things i used --
  • TWO white cake mixes
  • TWO and a HALF things of icing
  • make sure you get GEL FOOD COLORS -- regular food coloring would make your cake pastel maybe if you make one for easter that could work
  • 9 inch round cake pan(s)
  • you'll also need vegetable oil and eggs
prepare the cake mixes according to the box.
then separate the mix into 6 bowls...which equals to about 1.5 cups per bowl.
add about a teaspoon of color into each bowl.
i used red, orange, yellow, green, blue, & purple.

since the pack of gel food colors only comes with red, yellow, green, and blue, let's not forget that red + yellow = orange and red + blue = purple :)


then you bake them.
i used a 9 inch round cake pan to bake mine.
this is where it got time-consuming.
i only have 1 cake pan and didn't want to buy 6, so i had to bake them one at a time.
they only baked for 12-13 minutes each, but you still have to let them cool before you take them out of the pan, etc.
also -- make sure you grease the heck out of your pan!!
don't want one of them to get stuck or something and ruin your rainbow.

rainbow cake
happy dishes :)

so anyway, after about forever all your little cakes will be done baking.
let them COOL.
obvs, the ones that bakes first will be cool faster.
then you can cut the top part of them off.
since you're making a stacked layer cake, you gotta cut off the part that rises in the oven so you can stack them level.
this is where i enlisted the help of josh.
we had a pretty efficient system going to cut the cakes.
dental floss was involved. ha
but it worked!
if you don't want to be ghetto about it you could use a knife or actually get a cake leveler.

then you stack the colors... red, orange, yellow, green, blue, & purple.... with a small layer of icing in between each.

then put icing all the way around, and if it's a birthday cake, put a candle on top!

the fun part is if you don't tell everyone it's a rainbow cake.
then it looks just like a regular old vanilla cake... but when you cut into it -- SURPRISE!!

rainbow cake


and that is how you make the rainbow cake! enjoy!

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