When I was little my Daddy called me Junebug. It was something I never understood, considering I was born in July -- and due in September -- but he called me that since I was in the womb. So maybe that's why I have a special place in my heart for this mid-year month. It's [usually] the first really warm month but not super-hot yet (I said usually)... just on the brink of summer. It brings carefree attitudes, cool drinks, ice cream outings, and the promise of summer vacations. And this weekend it brought a morning at the farm and an afternoon by the pool.

Yes, please.

IMG_0553little hood ornament

We woke up early, hopped out of bed, and loaded up our fur-babies for a trek to the family farm. It was cloudy and, much to my surprise, a little bit cool & breezy. A nice relief from our near-100 degree days last week.

Since we left in such a hurry, we stopped by the oh-so-healthy Micky D's for breakfast on the way. I will let you in on a little secret... Mr. McDonald does not care about my paleo-ish diet. I'm pretty sure cavemen did not eat egg McMuffins or breakfast burritos. So I got the closest thing I could find.. fruit & maple oatmeal. Oats were around in the paleolithic days, right??

I typically don't even like oatmeal but it really wasn't bad. And it did fill me up for a long time. So, that's that.

B, on the other hand, does not follow the paleo-ish diet, so he had the yummy, delicious, totally processed, breakfast burrito. Mmmm mmmm good.

After we fueled up, it was time for some swimming! Kosmo has come such a long way since his swim lessons last year! This year when Josh threw him a stick, he jumped right into the lake to get it on his own!

and Lola cheered him on from the sidelines like a good baby sister..


Then at one point she followed her big brother right into the lake! She jumped right in and went right under! It scared her momma to death! I almost had an MI -- Oops, sorry a heart attack. Got all my medical jargon on the brain for my first exam tomorrow morning! Kristen asked me why heart attacks aren't called HA's and I told her it's because heart attacks aren't funny! DUH. -- Josh asked me why I wasn't taking pictures of Lola's first swim and I said it was because I couldn't even breathe... let alone snap pictures! Dang, I am going to be such a nervous mom!

I think it scared my baby girl too, but her papa didn't care. It was time for little Lola swim lessons.

IMG_0596He uses the sink or swim method... the throw and go? Poor baby girl.

lola swims
I think she'll get the hang of it! She's pretty fearless, and we have all summer to turn her into a little water-doggy!


scenes from around the farm


now I will tell you a little story.

Fun Fact of the Day :: I'm not really all that outdoorsy. I KNOW! I'm sure this comes as a shock ;) But I don't like being hot and sweaty unless I'm exercising. I don't like bugs. I don't really like getting dirty. Although I have this crazy idea in my head that if I was on Survivor I could totally do it. I sure as heck wouldn't win because I'm too trusting and I'd want to be friends with everybody, but I could totally do the living outside, getting dirty, eating bugs, and braving the elements thing. Yeah right.


So I also don't like going potty outside. But when we were at the farm I really, really, REALLY had to go. Just #1, but I couldn't do it. I can never do it. But I decided that this time I would put on my big girl panties (or pull them down) and just get over myself and go. Guess what happened?

The paparazzi (named B) snuck up on me!
And this is precisely why I don't go potty outside.
Or you know, boyfriends with cameras.

WHATEVER, B. I felt soo much better so it was worth it but next time I will go potty at McDonalds ;)

scenes from the pool

My best friend is in town for the summer!!!!!!
Except she says she's actually leaving on Wednesday.
What she doesn't know is that I am going to slit her tires.

We spent the afternoon poolside. Unfortunately I was studying for a lot of it, but whatev. If studying means sitting by the pool with my sweet tea, an underwater camera and consequent photo shoot with the best friend, I'll take it.

I feel it must be noted that we did not plan those underwater faces... we just sorta made the same ones each time. It happens after being best friends for 9 years.

So, ya know. That was my weekend. It was pretty great. Hope your's was as well.

Puppy class tonight.
Hopefully a twilight run afterwards to test out the leg.
Exam tomorrow morning. send good thoughts.

Week 23 - 30 weeks oldweek 23 - 30 weeks ... pretty sure she's about as big as the Kosmo now. maybe I'll weigh her tonight, too

Happy Monday!