Last weekend.

Oh goodness, it has been a crazy week! Hence the lack of updates from last weekend.

busy, busy busy...

- Had puppy class on Monday and Lola totally rocked it again! She is so good that Mom & Roobee didn't even make it for fear of being shown up by my brilliant baby girl. Or maybe my mom was moving out of her house, whatever.
- Had an exam Tuesday. blahh... felt prepared going into but totally unsure walking out. Ended up with a C+. Half disappointed, but half relieved because that's better than I thought I did after taking it. Luckily everyone else felt the same way about the test, so at least I'm not dumb! Or at least not dumber than any of my classmates.
- Went to the zoo yesterday with Shelly and her kiddos. Fun fun fun! PS she makes having 4 kids look totally easy. You're awesome, Shelly!

So that brings us up to today. I woke up early (4:45am omg) this morning to run. I thought I would be proud of myself for getting up so early (before the sun, even) and getting my run done before my day even started. I thought I'd feel energized and accomplished. I thought watching the sunrise while pounding my feet to the beat of my music would feel refreshing and euphoric in a I-hardly-ever-see-the-sunrise type of way. But when my planned 3 mile run turned into a barely 2 mile run and I came home to puppy pee all over the bed -- and consequently my new 4 inch memory foam/down mattress topper that I just got a couple weeks ago because I've been wanting it for 5 years but it was never cheaper than $300 and it finally was and it makes my bed feel like clouds -- it was not a good start to the day. In fact, it was pretty bad. Built-up frustrated tears may have been involved.

I think the moral of the story is: sleep in and run in the evening.


So anyway, let's go allllll the way back to last weekend now and see if I can even remember what we did.

Ready for this... we went......... DUN DUN DUN...

to the farm!

Surprise, surprise!

It was a beautiful day.

I also ran 4 miles (!!!) before we went. Longest run since February.. I think I'm comin' back! Well at least until I think about my failed 3 mile run this morning. Whatever. I'm off subject anyway.

So yeah, the farm.

We did a little of this..

IMG_0832Josh's mom is a sun-bathing beauty!

a little of this..

some of this...

IMG_0884little Lola swim lessons

and I did a lot of this...

IMG_0837study, study, study..

At least the backdrop was nice.

Turns out my girl has excellent swim form. She definitely does not get that from me... or her brother. Kosmo used to splash around like a maniac using only his front paws. He's pretty much got it now... but Lola took to the water like a little fishy immediately, she's just not 100% comfortable yet. She's getting there though.

lola swims
Papa gave her swim lessons.

Sister watches while big brother does all the hard work.... typical :)

We had a tired baby girl on the way home.

lola sleeps
All that swimmin' wore her out.


When we got home, Kosmo and Lola were frantically trying to get something out from under the shelves in the garage... I had noticed them doing it the day before too, but didn't think anything of it. Turns out, this little guy was hiding back there:

Umm, cutest tiny little bunny ever!!!

I wanted to keep him, but Josh said no. Rude.

Apparently someone forgot that it's almost birthday!!!

So we gave him a baby carrot.

But he didn't really want it. He just sat there with his eye open and

So we put him in a box, and then since he's a bunny, he JUMPED the heck OUT! While Josh was holding it approximately 27 feet off the ground (!!!). Okay, maybe it was only like 3 feet, but to a teeny tiny little bun-bun, that's like 27 feet.

Luckily he was okay and he hopped off into the landscaping! I kind of hope he lives there forever! But I haven't seen him since :(

bun bun


Later that night we tried to hit up the drive-in because I've never been (I know, how un-American!)
We waited in this forever-long line and by the time we got up there, it was sold out! BOO! Whatever drive-in, I didn't want to see Cars 2 and Green Lantern anyway! Okay, I kind of did but I wanted to see Hangover 2 more and they quit showing it. So we'll just wait til something better starts playing!

Luckily, my Twitter friends came to the rescue and suggested we go to the local ice cream shop.

It was my non-Paleo(ish) splurge for the weekend. (okay, that and the Brownie Batter Blizzard we split from DQ earlier the same day...)

ice cream
Josh always gets a mixed blizzard/cyclone/flurry (depending on where we are)... cookie dough AND Reese's Pieces, Butterfinger AND Snickers... so since I can never decide between Reese cups and Oreo, I got them mixed! I never thought about trying it before, but it was heaven! And their ice cream to chunk ratio was PERFECT. You know how usually there are only chunks at the top, or the chunks are so small you can barely even taste them? No, this was 100% perfect. I think we may have to make another trip out there for my birthday! (which is in a WEEK from Saturday, which means Birthday Week starts next week!!!)

ice cream

So that was our weekend..... last weekend...

and I'm already ready for this weekend!

Come on, 3.5 day weekend! Woohoo!

What are your exciting plans for the 4th?

I'm hoping to cross at least 1 thing off my list, considering I only have 8 days to get the rest accomplished! yikes!

Hope everyone has a safe and happy 4th of July!!!