...3 birthdays...

so, it's currently 12:14am and i'm waiting for josh to come home from running a solo half marathon... in the dark, obviously. which is crazy to me. half marathons are hard enough, let alone by yourself in the middle of the night. (ps he is running at this hour due to the excessive heat... at least it's a bit cooler without the sun). he sure is dedicated to his training program. he even forwent (is that a word?) a glass of wine at dinner and a piece of ice cream cake afterwards. seriously, that is dedication. i, on the other hand, enjoyed both and they were super delicious and even though my stomach hurts now, i do not regret it. ice cream is just needed sometimes, especially when it's in cake form. not paleo-ish friendly of course, but that's the beauty of the ish part. it means that i don't have to be paleo 100% of the time and can still enjoy the indulgences that make life wonderful, like ice cream cake with oreos on top.

isn't it beautiful? just look at it. mmmmm.

speaking of paleo.....some people have asked about it lately. it's going well. i wrote a little about what i eat & some of the questions i get asked a lot under the"paleo-what?" category at the top of the blog. so check that out if you have questions. so far i have lost 6-7 pounds and am down to the weight (maybe even a bit less) that i was when i was running 20+ miles a week half marathon training. i am currently running 0-2 miles a week and hitting the gym 2-3 times a week if i'm lucky (in other words, i am exercising a whole lot less than i used to, simply because i'm busier now days with school). so there's that.

anyway. today we celebrated mine, amy, and mandy's (josh's sisters) birthdays! mine was the 9th, amy's was the 16th and mandy's is august 3rd. sushi and a hibachi grill were involved. perfect.

man, i sure do love fried rice. and that ginger dressing they put on their salad. srsly.

afterwards everyone came over for that aforementioned beloved ice cream cake.

the angry birds were not invited but they showed up anyway.

angry birds
IMG_1468apparently we really like the EVO around here

birthday party snapshots

IMG_1455ha! no idea what's going on here..

averyavery kept doing this super cute excited face. the cutest part was the hand-twirl that accompanied it (however, it's not pictured.. sorry)

IMG_1476somebody's gonna be walking soon...

we ended the evening by releasing colorful lanterns with our friends (slash neighbors), who were also having a birthday party. happy birthday, nikki!
it was so pretty.

so anyway... josh is back from his run now. super happy cause otherwise i was gonna have to go searching for him half-asleep in the dark. and it's 1:20am now, which is waaaaaaaaaaaay past my bedtime.

the other day, he came home from his run looking like this:

okay, so he kinda just looks sweaty.
here, have a closer look:

yes, those are bugs.

i knew there was a reason i haven't been running. besides that it's 100+ degrees, with like 23847% humidity and i'm injured. bugs. bugs is that reason. i would probably freak out if i was covered in bugs like that.

oh, and we crossed off #5. make root beer floats. sweet.

rootbeer floats

done and done.

my boy his home.
my babies are asleep (lola is snoring)
and i am about to join her...
my apologies if this post has lots of typos.
i've typically been in dreamland for like at least 3 hours by now.
plus i'm in an ice cream cake coma.
so ya know. i can't help it.

goodnight. good morning. and have a happy sunday!!

birthday love. it's been fabulous :)