The Big 2-5!

So my birthday weekend was pretty fun.

Minus the part about having a huge test to study for...... because I didn't really study for it. shhhh.

But the weird thing?

I took it this morning and umm...I was the first one done. Which never happens. This could be good... or really bad. But I felt pretty good about it. But still, maybe I'm falsely confident? Oh well, we'll see... our lowest test grade is dropped anyway, so I'm not too worried.

Anyway, back to my birthday because that's way more important/exciting/newsworthy.

Started the day off with facials with my mom.

Don't we look shmexy with no make-up and all?

yeah, thought so.

and we accidentally both wore striped shirts because we are super cool.

It was really nice and relaxing though. We even got hand and foot massages which I didn't know were part of a facial, but hey, I'm not complaining.

So anywho.

I don't remember what I did for the rest of the afternoon but it was definitely not study. I am pretty sure studying on your birthday is illegal.

And then we went out for my semi-surprise birthday dinner!!! I knew we were going out to dinner but I didn't know where we were going. Turns out, B took me and 13 of our friends out for dinner at The Marketplace.

Lots of my favorite people came!

Including my "special surprise guest" from out of town....

My best friend Kristen!

I had a slight idea she was coming since she was supposed to be in town this weekend anyway (even though she wouldn't return my calls...rude) but what mostly gave it away was when Josh stole a phone number from my phone and then told me my "special surprise friend" got lost and went to the wrong restaurant. Yep, sounds like my directionally-challenged friend, Kristen. We have many memories together that include getting lost..... hahahaha the good ole days.

But either way, I was so happy to see her!!! Best friends for 10 years and this is only the 3rd birthday of mine she's been to...

Anyway, I had never been there but it was a really neat place!! They had a really cool outdoor patio area that we might have eaten at, had it not been 100+ degrees outside.

birthdaywe had a little photo shoot courtesy of Erica

And then our food came so we went back inside.
I had grilled scallops & shrimp with a sweet potato casserole and it was delectable!

I also tried some of almost everyone else's food and it was all good, too.

Then as we were leaving, a little old(er) lady chased us down the street begging for our leftover food, telling us she missed church that morning and had been robbed. I offered her some Teddy Grahams and granola bars (they were in my present from Kristen) and she turned them down due to only having one tooth (which she lifted up her gums and showed us) and a bunch of other excuses, but she really, really wanted what was in our "to-go" box... (which was a big ole' juicy steak and I have no idea how she'd be able to gnaw on that thing with only 1 tooth.. it is not like we had a box full of pudding).

So umm..pretty sure she just wanted a free nice dinner since she saw where we were leaving from. Sorry lady, I'm all about helping people in need but not people who just want a free ride, especially when my B works really hard and spent a lot of money for us all to have a nice dinner.

Interesting way to end the evening... ha! You never know what will happen when you venture across the river!

So that was my birthday dinner. It was wonderful and I loved being able to celebrate with everyone!!!!

IMG_1323all the girls + Justin :)

I'll be back soon to report how I did on the list.

Happy Tuesday! :)