happy birthday to me! (& formal introductions)

so today is my 25th birthday. WOOHOO!!
i wonder what i should do for my quarter-life crisis?!

really, the only thing that's exciting about turning 25 is that my car insurance premium went down. YEAH! and, now i can officially rent a car by myself should i feel the need. so that's cool.

other than that, i guess i'm now officially mid-way through my 20's and that's kinda weird. but so far turning 25 doesn't really freak me out. it does seem a little strange to say i'm 25, but i think 26 will feel weirder. it's like 25 is on the fence of being "old"... but 26 jumps to the other side. but whatever, i'm ready. i have a feeling the 2nd half of my twenties are gonna be even better than the first, and i can't wait.

we started off the birthday celebrations with, are you ready for this? ice cream! i know, i know -- you totally didn't see that one coming.

we went to polly's freeze again (the place with the perfect ice cream to chunk ratio) and SURPRISE ---- my mom, mark, josie, and emily met us there. i had no clue they were coming.. i guess i should have known something was up when i went to my mom's house to study get my nails done and she kept trying to get rid of me. ah well... i'm super gullible.

anyways, i think i first mentioned them last summer but since they keep randomly popping up on my blog and probably aren't going anywhere any time soon, here are some formal introductions...

this is my mom and mark. i sat there for about 3 minutes trying to take a picture of them but they kept talking and looking away. oh well, you get the point. my mom and mark got married almost 10 years ago... and then got divorced about 5 years ago. and now they are back together. :) i'm super happy for them and it makes me happy that my mom is so happy. so everybody's happy, and that's always good.

mark has two beautiful daughters -- josie (next to my mom) who is 15, and emily who is 12. they were 5 and 2 when we met them and i was 15. crazy!

and of course, mom and markus (as i call him) are also the parents of mack and roobee.

(the bookends of this photo from may)

so, that's the story of mark, josie, and emily in case anyone was wondering who those random people are that kept popping up in random posts. now you know :)

they are really awesome people and i felt super loved and special at my little birthday ice cream outing last night. they all totally went out of their way to make me feel special and give me lots of attention, can you tell ?


no, but really.. i do love all of 'em and we had a good time.
more to come. for now, i must go study... (def NOT a good thing to do on your birthday.. booo)