scenes from lately.

  1. school has been all-consuming. luckily, i've had lola to help me study. also luckily, only 2 more weeks left! man, it has flown by!
  2. the dude at cricket's cafe at school is running a great deal on hand-sanitizer. makes for a good laugh at 8 in the morning when i go to get my coffee :)
  3. josh's new look. you like?
  4. umm.... it's been HOT. like, i broke a sweat walking to the mailbox the other day. ridiculous. i need to migrate north for the summer.
  5. i got some new hot pink running shoes for my birthday!!! (thanks, B!) took them for their first run yesterday... which coincidentally was also my first run in way too long. it was less than stellar but i'm working on it.
  6. i've gotten to hang out with little mia a couple times in the past few weeks. if you've been around for awhile, you know i used to watch her when she was a baby until they moved. they've been back in town for awhile this summer so it's been awesome to catch up with them and see mia... she's almost 3 now!!
  7. pretty flowers at an outdoor wedding i went to this weekend... one day i want my yard to look like this :)

so that's a little of what i've been up to.
time to study and gear up for a crazy week!

happy monday!