Bahamas Girls' Trip: Part 1

Bahaaaaama, BAHAMA MAMA... won't you take meeeeee to the Bahamas

Okay, I can't sing so I will just stop. You're welcome. Also, I have no idea what song that is. I just made it up.

Da Bahamas were fun. True story. Even though -- in keeping with the 2011 theme of my life (things don't always go as planned... exhibited here, here, and here) -- the cruise did not exactly go as planned. But you pretty much can't ruin a trip to the Bahamas. I mean, it's the Bahamas. I guess things would be ruined if you got eaten by a hurricane, but that didn't happen so we're good. Plus it was me and Cousin. Guaranteed good time right there. And, really... you could ship me off to Middle of Nowhere, Nebraska and I could probably have a blasty blast.

So anywho.

As I mentioned, no hurricanes. Thanks for staying away, Emily. Our first day on the ship was glorious.

Sunny, hot, and relaxing.

Oh wait, let's back up... before we got to the ship, we had a 14 hour drive. How could I forget that? Bertha (the lady who lives in my phone and gave us directions the entire way) said it would take 15.5 hours, but Cousin drives really fast. The promise of hot weather, sun, and relaxation was what kept us trucking. And this may or may not have happened in the car:

Road trip fuel of champions.

nashvilleroad trip
Nashville.... Chattanooga... Atlanta... FLORIDA (finally!).... Cape Canaveral!!

We arrived in Cape Canaveral at 4am (the original plan was to stop in Valdosta, GA and stay at my girl A-Tay's apartment, but we just decided to keep going... which was brilliant because then we could sleep in ;)) Seeing palm trees in the morning was magnificent.


We were also there for the rocket launch.

It kind of looks like a tampon, no? That rocket was going to Jupiter. I wonder if it's there yet. How long does it take to get to Jupiter? How cool would it be to go to there?

I did not take that photo. You thought I did, didn't you? We waited outside for it forEVER minutes, but since it was breakfast lunch time and we had just woken up and were obviously famished, we waited in the McDonald's parking lot for it for about 5 minutes and then decided to go on inside and order since it kept getting delayed. And what do you know, as soon as we go inside.... it launches. Of course. So this was the amazing photo I got:

Clearly pretty much just as good.

Then it was time to board the ship!!!

Cousin was nervous because it was her first cruise and her husband kept telling her she was gonna need the life boat (which is why he wasn't there!!) Okay, she wasn't really nervous...

She was SUPER EXCITED (or maybe scared?) to be spending a few days with me with NO contact from anyone in the outside world! (even though it was only 50 cents per text message, 65 cents a minute to use the internet, and $1.99 a minute to call home)

So, as I was saying earlier... our first day on the ship was glorious -- sunny, hot, and relaxing.

After a bit of sun-tanning and catching up on the celebrity gossip mags, it was time for dinner.


Which was a three course meal PLUS a variety of bread every single night. Which is basically 2.5 courses plus bread more than I normally eat for dinner. But umm, it was delicious. And the first night we all twirled napkins above our heads because we were all so excited. And maybe also because the waiter told us to. Each night, dinner consisted of a song and dance number or some form of entertainment and about a million people to sing Happy Birthday or Happy Anniversary to.

After dinner we went back to our cabin and realized we didn't get a photo of us in our beautiful dresses. So we put the camera on self-timer and set it on top of the TV, stood on Alyssa's bed and posed like the gorgeous models we are.

Cruise Lesson #1: Bring photographer boyfriend B next time to photograph Girls' Trip.

Then we went to the karaoke bar for karaoke (duh) (muy entertaining..some people are so funny!), and afterwards a band played (they were really good..we later became their groupies/#1 fans!) and after that they had a 70's party.
70's party
Hilariousity ensued.

I also discovered my new favorite drink. Well, it's either my new favorite or my new 2nd favorite. The jury's still out on whether or not I like it more than the Hummingbird.
lava flowIt's the Lava Flow. Mmmmmmm. No clue what's in it, but it's delicious. I read somewhere that it's Hawaiian. So now I can't wait to go to Hawaii. Of course, I have no clue when that will be but I can't wait!
After some disco'n and YMCA'n it was time for some Z's...

Next stop: Nassau

And the cruise adventure was only just beginning!

To be continued....

P.S. Pretty sure this takes care of #1...