Bahamas Girls' Trip: Part 2

...continued from part 1.

So! We docked in Nassau. Here's a picture of what it normally looks like, just for comparison:

but this is what it looked like when we got there:
rain in nassau
Rain rain....go away.

Cruise Lesson #2: Don't schedule cruise during hurricane season next time.

Now, if it's raining in Seattle when we touch down in a few weeks? Expected. Alaska? I'm ready. I gots me a rain coat. But the Bahamas? Pretty sure it's supposed to be like permanently sunny there.

We were gonna swim with sea lions, but they cancelled all excursions except Atlantis due to the rain. I was a bit perplexed because I mean.. sea lions are already wet so what harm is a little rain? There wasn't any thunder/lightning. But they said the rain put the sea lions in a funky mood. (???) seriously, the excursions guy told me that.

So Atlantis it was!

We went to the excursions desk and changed our reservation to the Atlantis Aquaventure excursion. Then we got off the ship and found the Atlantis Aquaventure group. The lady said that they were giving everyone the option to "down grade" or cancel their reservation because IF it started thundering/lightning, we would have to leave and there would be no refunds. So that would basically be 300 dollars down the drain. Dandy.

But we took our chances. We took a tiny little shuttle to Atlantis that I'm pretty sure was a potential hazard in case of an emergency... look how they had us all squeezed in (except me, I got to sit in the front... which is not good if you are a really nervous person because it appears that they do not have traffic laws in Nassau. You just honk and hope people move out of your way. And they drive on the wrong other side of the road)

Good thing we didn't have to get outta there in a hurry.

Anyway, we ended up having a blast! We spent the afternoon at the water park, and we also got to explore the aquarium and stuff. It was a huge place and really neat. And the sun even made an appearnace!

About to go down the slide into the shark-infested pool!
I held a real live conch. I had a conch shell in my room growing up but had never seen a live one before... pretty cool.

Then it was time to head back to the ship to get ready for dinner! I had been starving all afternoon but I was not about to pay $11 for a cheeseburger! Cousin made fun of me because she was not hungry at all, but I can't help it that I eat every 2 hours!!

Cousin was a little bummed because she thought we were going to miss formal night due to partyin' it up at Atlantis, but it turns out we made it back just in time! Well, we didn't have time to shower, but oh well.
These were our dinner buddies Jennifer and Tom. This is the fantastic picture they took of me and Cousin:

Cruise Lesson #3: Not everyone finds your DSLR camera as easy to use as you do.

Cruise Lesson #4: Refer back to Cruise Lesson #1.

After dinner we made a quick stop in our room to change clothes and discovered our first towel creature (my favorite part of cruising!!)

He was hanging from the ceiling and scared Cousin half to death because she almost ran into him!
towel creature
I think he was hanging from the ceiling because our beds were messy...


Then we did a little night time Nassau exploring.

nassau at nightAnd I found the Holy Grail:
Unfortunately it was closed :(

As was most everything else even though it was only like 8pm. What up with that, Nassau?

So after a bit of shopping at the only t-shirt shop that was still open, we headed back to the ship for a "Love & Marriage" show (hilarious! they asked the guys what size & color bra they would buy for their wives.. one dude said "38 large" bahahaha) followed by a comedian/magician show. Good stuff.

Goodnight, Nassau.

More soon.