Bahamas Girls' Trip: Part 3

...continued from part 1 and part 2.

So the next morning, we were supposed to dock in CocoCay -- Royal Caribbean's private island. But due to the weather, they chose to keep us in extra day in Nassau, yo. Cool by me.

So we hopped off the ship and went shopping... since everything was closed the night before.
senor frogssenor frogs
While we were shopping, a couple local teenagers came up to us and slapped some handmade necklaces around our necks. Said they were "complimentary" souvenirs and all we had to do now was "shake our booties like Bahama Mama's."

Cool, I thought. How sweet... they're giving us free souvenirs. What nice little girls.

I should have known... nothing in life is free. Duh. They asked for a tip. Which I guess is to be expected, but the smallest bill I had was $5. And I only brought a little bit of cash to limit myself while shopping. And normally I would not have bought a $5 Bahamian-beaded necklace, because really, am I ever gonna wear that? No. But it went to the school kids.. good donation I guess. However, I regretted it later when a bag I'd rather have was $20 and I only had $13... if I still had the $5, I probably could have bartered her down. Oh well.

Cruise Lesson #5: Beware of cute little school kids who force you to buy necklaces. Not free.

We spent the rest of the day laying out by the pool and getting a sun tan.


Oh, and of course --
I can't escape those dang Angry Birds!!! They are everywhere!!

After a few hours, I went to change and go to the gym to run a few miles so I didn't feel like a complete sloth. That's when I discovered the Sunburn From Hades The Bahamas:

It's probably not good when your skin is the same color as your dark pink shorts. It was bad. It hurt everywhere. It hurt to touch anything. And normally I don't burn, so I was not used to this kind of horrendous pain. It takes a lot for me to burn. I credit that to my Indian ancestors from waaaay back. Thanks, Dad! But as you can see, I had a lovely tan line all the way down my back from where my bathing suit tie hung down. It was awesome. (also awesome? the sweat stain on my shorts from running... hey at least I actually ran while on vacation. pretty sure that's a first)

Cruise Lesson #6: Wear sunscreen whilst near the equator, even if you're 1/23876th American Indian on your Dad's side.

We spent the night packing and hanging out with our new friends, the band Horizon from Canada. Cool dudes. The next morning we disembarked the ship and began the long journey home.
road trip
These were a few of the emotions we felt on the 14 hour drive north.

Cruise Lesson #7: Fly next time.

Also? Spotted this:

Cruise Lesson #8: If you just want to see sunsets, save money and just go to Kentucky next time.

All in all -- lovely trip. Can't wait for next year's girls trip!!!! Love you Cousin!!!!!