I go for the cookies.

Hello, bloggy friends!

Cousin and I made it home safely from the Bahamas and I have decided that I need a vacation to recover from my vacation. 28 hours in the car (roundtrip) is exhausting! But we had a blast. I will share soon after I take a 3 day nap and recover from my excruciating sunburn. Seriously, it's bad.

First on the relaxing agenda upon returning home was a Bats game.

Which was not really conducive to relaxing or my 3 day nap because we stayed out until 10pm. Party animals, that's us.

But it was conducive to spending time with my B and eating cookies.
Kizito cookies are the best. Which is probably why we got four of them. Cavemen probably didn't eat Kizito cookies, but they should have. And I probably should not have, considering I gained 5 pounds on the cruise! Oops!

To top off the evening, some hot sauce packets ran around the infield. No, I am totally not making that up.

So that was fun!

Oh, and the Bats won so that makes it even better and I almost got hit in the head with a ball. Just FYI.

Thanks for a Bats game date, B! :D

Be back soon....
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