Kosmo: Update

Thanks so much to everyone for the thoughts, prayers, and support from Facebook, Twitter and text messages! (and here of course!) It truly means a lot to know that our little guy is so loved and that so many people have been thinking of him :)

This weekend has been a crazy emotional roller coaster. If you're not a dog person, you probably won't understand. But here's what's been going on for everyone who's asked that isn't friends with us on Facebook and been able to follow the updates. Kosmo had been hospitalized since Wednesday with the original diagnosis of HGE. However, cases with HGE typically start to get better in 72 hours and after Kosmo wasn't getting better by Saturday, the vet referred us to a specialist because they had kind of reached the limit of what they could do there. So we took him to the "specialty & emergency services" hospital Saturday morning. We spent the day there with him while they more tests... ultrasounds, x-rays and blood work. We left with really no new news, other than that Kosmo was obviously still sick and still needed to be hospitalized. They were expecting to do an endoscopy on Monday, so they were just going to try to get his fluid levels up over the weekend so he'd be in optimal condition for the procedure.

Almost as soon as we got home Saturday evening, we got a call from the hospital saying they needed to take him into surgery. This was based on the fact that his intestines just didn't look right in the most recent x-rays -- they looked bunched up. The surgeon went over all the risks involved, which of course are terms I actually know the meanings of, which freaked me out. It was pretty nerve-wracking. So we waited... his surgery was almost 4 hours long!

So as it turns out, they ended up finding a "foreign body" in his small intestine -- a large piece of cloth and some plastic. They couldn't identify it, but we are assuming it was one of his toys. This was good news and was what the doctors were hoping to find because it meant he didn't have cancer or tumors, etc. However, the bad news was that his small intestine had become perforated and bacteria had leaked out, causing his abdomen to become septic. This is really bad news! The doctor said she gave him a 50/50 chance, based on that alone. They had to remove 13 inches of his small intestine, which leaves him with about 0. Not really, but they did take out most of it!

He is in critical condition for 3-5 days following the surgery. Since they had to suture his stomach to his large intestine, there is a possibility for leakage, in which case another surgery would have to be done. However, we went to visit him yesterday (12 hours post-surgery) and he already looked a million times better! He was very alert to what was going on around him and he even gave us kisses! We hadn't got any kisses for a few days, so we knew he was feeling better! :)

We also found out last night that he had eaten for the first time since last Monday and had a "vicious appetite!" Good news!! They also said there was a cheering squad in the back for him when he ate his first meal :) We also got a call yesterday from the first vet who had taken care of him; she just wanted to call and check on him and let us know she had been thinking about us and praying for us. It was really sweet to know that she cared so much for him :)

Over all, he's not out of the woods yet. The surgery was very long and much more complicated than they originally anticipated, and add on to that that his abdomen is septic -- our little guy is in pretty bad shape. BUT the doctors seem VERY pleased with his current condition and expect him to make a full recovery. They are hopeful he'll be able to come home by the end of the week.

Meanwhile, while all of this was going on, Lola was out partyin' --

332342_1936983503893_1221522844_31768679_2668115_oPicture stolen from grampy Mark's Facebook.

My mom and Mark watched Lola and took her out on the houseboat for the weekend. I received the following text from my mom on Saturday night:

Lola knocked over a beer can. She loves beer! Had to holler at her. She kept lapping it up! So sorry. Hope she doesn't get drunk.

Thanks, Mom. So glad to know my baby girl is in such good hands ;)

Actually -- in the midst of all the surgery chaos, it was a much-needed laugh.

Thanks again to everyone, we really do appreciate it!!!
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