Viola! (noteworthy randomness)

My baby girl is a stinker.

Remember how we got an Invisible Fence? Well, we also sprung for the indoor unit, which is a round thing that looks kinda like a smoke detector and you just put it where ever you don't want the dogs to go. It doesn't shock them like the outdoor fence but it beeps the same way which is supposed to deter them. It also came with the same little white flags which is supposed to give them a visual warning as to where they aren't supposed to go as well.

It has come in very handy for keeping Lola from going upstairs to do her business like she used to. Just plop the unit on the stairs, prop a couple little white flags next to and viola! After a couple tries, Lola no longer tries to go upstairs... she simply sees the flags and knows she's not allowed to go there. Same for chewing on rugs, digging dirt out of the indoor plants, and eating her brother's food.

However, my baby girl is brilliant. And like I said, she's a big fat stinker. I think she's figured us out.

Apparently said flags are no longer enough for her. I caught her PLAYING WITH ONE LAST NIGHT.


So yeah, they are supposed to scare her, and she just chews on them. Awesome.


So mine and B's math class starts today. I say it's our's because he's pretty much going to be the only reason I pass it. Thanks in advance, Josh! I love you!! ;) It should be a good time. I don't even have the book yet (gotta find the dang bookstore and purchase that before class this afternoon) and I have no idea where the class even is. So all of this is assuming I even make it there. And we all know how I am with directions. So yeah. I have a calculator though. It's Josh's from high school and it has a big sticker that says PIMP on it. So that's cool.


BIG NEWS! I finally discovered that, contrary to popular belief, I actually like oatmeal. I never could eat even half of a bowl because of the texture. But then I realized I could put apples in it. Viola! Now I think oatmeal is delicious! As long as it's mostly apples.

No clue if oats/oatmeal is Paleo-friendly. I can't remember and I'm too busy/lazy to look it up right now. Plus Bob Harper endorses it on The Biggest Loser. But either way, whatever. It keeps me full usually until lunch, so I'm going to go with it. I feel like that's better than wanting a snack at 8:30, 9:00, and 10:15 like usual. Plus it's way easier to make in the morning than eggs. Win win.


Okay, one more thing then I have to get ready for class (blah!)

My blog might soon resemble a running blog again soon, thanks to my new goal: a half marathon on November 12th! That's in 87 days and counting. I made a training plan on Runners World SmartCoach yesterday, and it starts... ooops started yesterday. Except not. Because I think I have developed a random allergy to pineapples. Is that even possible? It's very sad because I love pineapples! But the last few times I've eaten them my stomach has felt weird.. like they are too acidic or something. And then yesterday they made me re-visit my lunch. Gross I know. It was very romantic for mine and Josh's 2 year anniversary celebration. Which was really just snuggling on the couch and eating chicken noodle soup thanks to the pineapples. But I felt so much better afterwards.

So, yeah. Did you follow all of that? I wonder how many more topics I can throw into that paragraph.

Basically to sum it up:
-- half marathon training starts TODAY for my goal of 13.1 miles on 11/12! PLEEEEASE cooperate IT band, piriformis, and other possible leg injuries!
-- pineapples = no good :(
-- mine and Josh's 2 year anniversary celebration was put on hold due to the evil pineapples!

OH YEAH- I'm doing my first "race" of 2011 this weekend!! It's not even really a race... (you don't even get a!) it's the Fiesta Fun Run! And it's at night! I did it last year. So we'll see how that goes. I'm not going for time in any of these upcoming races... I just want to get back into it! So here goes nothing!!!

(final Bahamas post coming soon...)