Noteworthy Semi-Mid-Week News

So my class is over. Took the final this morning and I am happy to announce that I got an A on it! I know you all were wondering and you can now proceed about your day. Hallelujah I survived my summer class!! And? I will kind of miss it. Weird I know. Now I have a teeny tiny 2 week break until my next classES start up in, I am taking two... Advanced Human Physiology and MATH AKA College Algebra. Yikes! Lord have mercy, fall semester should be fun! ;)

Anywho. Since school is over and I now have all kinds of free time that doesn't need to be filled with studying (and usually wasn't anyway, but at least now I won't feel guilty for not studying..) I thought I would implement a new series on the blog that will probably only happen once: The Tuesday Phone-Photo Dump.

(and yes, I totally realize that this is super lame compared to my previous post about sky's a re-cap in case you missed it:)

I still can't believe I did it. Even though I have pictures of it. I feel like they must have been photo-shopped or something. I jumped out of a plane?? At 13,000 feet? yes, yes I did.

So anyway. Here are the terribly exciting photos that have built up on the EVO over the past few days.
Basically, what we have here is -- Erica's birthday dinner (sushi, yum!), the cutest Boston Terriers in the world (proven fact), and a hot sweaty mess (me) after a 3 mile run in some 104 degree weather (too hot!). Yes, other than the occasional sky dive and outings with friends, my life is pretty boring most of the time. Oh wait, I forgot to mention the 3rd photo in the 2nd row -- a butt-crack fishing in my friend's backyard. How did I miss that?!

Okay, actually the butt-crack is pretty much the reason The Tuesday Phone-Photo Dump was necessary. Yes, the TPPD may have been started with ulterior motives. You caught me. I needed a good reason to share this amazing-ness with you. Would you like a closer look? Ask and ye shall receive.

You're welcome.

This was the sight in my friend's backyard the other day. Swear. And she didn't know these people either. Pretty sure if that was my backyard I'd have to say something. Something along the lines of You and your butt-crack are not welcome to go fishing in my backyard! Kthnxbye.

I just don't understand some people. Srsly. When is it a good idea to stake out in someone you don't know's backyard for hours and prance around with your shirt rolled up and your fat rolls and butt-crack hanging out? I'm just wondering.

In other news, Cousin and I are headed off to the Bahamas on Thursday! Guess who else is apparently gonna be there? Emily.


Looks like she'll be there Thursday through at least Sunday, just like us.
So that's swell.
Maybe she'll be gone by Monday, if we're lucky?
Hmm... so that could make things interesting.
If I don't post again before we leave, someone watch the news and send me a Facebook or text message if Emily turns into a hurricane! I don't watch the news (it's too depressing) so I won't know.

Thanks in advance!