A Race, a Birthday, and a Cookout

We still don't have any news on Kosmo. We're just waiting for a call from the vet. It seems Lola doesn't know what to do with herself without him... she just sleeps all the time. Silly girl.

Anyway, last weekend was one that makes you step back and say Life is good. I ran a fun little race -- my first one all year!, we celebrated baby Avery's 1st birthday, and had a cookout with some friends. Nothing extravagant, but it was perfect.

So the race -- okay, so it's a "fun run" but I am not sure what the difference is between that and a race. Fleet Feet has "fun runs" all the time, but they are free and there are raffle drawings at the end... this one, although it was still put on by Fleet Feet and we ran the same 3 mile course and it was still called a "fun run," was not free and did not have raffle drawings at the end. Instead, you had to pay $15 like you typically do for a race, we got a bib number and chip timing, but there was no race t-shirt!!! (which is really the main reason I do races, let's be honest) All we got was free chips and salsa from Qdoba... which was really like $15 chips and salsa from Qdoba...

So fun run, race.. whatever.

I ran it last year and had a blast and this year was no different. I like this race because it's at night... night races are my new fave. Plus pretty much all of my friends ran it (except B, but he was there!) so that was pretty cool.

IMG_0482Nikki (you may remember her from Jamaica?), she's our neighbor and turning into quite a runner!, Robin, me, Heather (Robin and Heather are heading to Alaska with us next weekend, so you'll see more of them soon!), and Sheri (our super fast awesome runner friend... her husband Pat won the race, and she won the women's division. Pat is doing Ironman this weekend, no big deal)

There were also lots of friends not pictured!

I wasn't sure how the race was going to go. The course is super hilly and I haven't run hills since February. I had also run 4.5 miles that morning... which was my longest run since February. I've been doing 2-3 mile runs a couple times a week recently, but no more than that -- so 7.5 in one day and 3 of them being hilly? It was either going to be awesome or really stupid.

Turns out it was awesome! I was expecting to have to walk during the race -- if for nothing else, at least up the hills. But I didn't! I ran the whole entire thing, hills and all, without stopping and at a pretty good little pace! My Garmin time was 31:25.. and I didn't stop it right away at the end (bad habit! probably at least 20 extra seconds.. so really my time was probably closer to 31:05) which averages out to a 10:21 pace. I'll take it! It felt awesome! I can't wait to get back into pushing myself more!
I think this little fun run race was just what I needed to kick-start my running again! I'm hoping to be able to do the Downtown Doubler 15k again this year and then a half marathon in either October or November!


On Sunday we celebrated Avery's 1st birthday. I can't believe it's already been a year since she was born! Her party was adorable!

And she had the cutest little cake to dig into!

She did a pretty good job!

Time for presents! You sure do get a lot more presents when you are 1 than when you are 25... just sayin'.

josh and avery

Happy 1st Birthday, Avery! We love you!!


We ended the weekend with a cookout at our friend Ryan's house (Ryan is Heather's boyfriend).


Somehow Josh ended up grilling even though we were at Ryan's house.... ha!

We had delicious ribs, corn on the cob, mac'n'cheese, and lots of yummy fruit! Should definitely do that more often! Hopefully at least one more time before summer is over! Thanks for inviting us over, Ryan!


Alright, finally a weekend re-cap! Only 4 days late and just in time for this weekend!

Now, back to the books....