AKA -- attack of the cellular telephone pics.

So I've started this post a few times but just keep hitting the backspace key because it all sounds so cliche'... like there's so much to do and I can't keep up and oh how I'd love to shut the phones off, close my school books, watch a movie, knock off a batch of snickerdoodles and forget that I have responsibilities and that empty calories go straight to my love-handles. But who doesn't have days like that? It just didn't seem worthy to write about. I'm stressed out, whatever. I'll be in Alaska in 8 days, so I'll get over it. I might be 3 weeks behind on my homework when I get back, I might be freezing cold up there (or burning up!) because I have no clue if I should pack a winter coat or just a light rain jacket, but we're goin' on an adventure, baby! And I'm excited!

Hence the backspace.

So then I tried writing about something else but accidentally hit the Caps Lock key and by the time I realized it, it was a nice long paragraph. Looked like I was shouting. Like "Lola is so cute" comes off as really in-your-face when you write it as LOLA IS SO CUTE! I mean, she is, and sometimes I do feel like shouting it, but it's not really necessary.

So that got deleted too.

So now it's just me and Grey's Anatomy on in the background (which I haven't watched in years because it lost me with that whole Izzie seeing her dead boyfriend thing) and leftover cheesy corn from Applebees. God bless that Carside-To-Go service.

Every time I eat something "questionable" (questionable meaning.... IS THAT PALEO?! ((see the Caps makes it all in-your-face, right?)) Josh says Did Cavemen eat that? Did Cavemen eat snickerdoodle cookies (I may or may not have had one from Moe's yesterday -- yes burritos and cookies make a really delicious, non-Paleo lunch), Did Cavemen eat cheesy corn with bacon in it?

Well, I don't know. But they should have.

To be honest, I've been slacking justalittlebit with Paleo lately. I'm blaming it on my (slight increase) in running. Running makes me hungry! And it is just that I miss having something to BITE INTO. Salads just aren't cuttin' it all the time anymore. So instead of having 3 cheat meals a week like I was, it seems like lately I've been having one cheat thing a day. Like cheesy corn, a cookie, or a sandwich instead of a salad. Whatevs, overall, I'm eating a crap-ton more veggies than I used to so I'm pretty sure that's still a win. And I don't do it every day. I will try to quit cheating after Alaska. Pretty sure I'm gonna gain approximately 50 pounds... I gained 5 pounds in 3 days in the Bahamas...so 7 days = 50 pounds. I'm not sure the mathematic equation for that, but I'll let you know when I learn about it in my Algebra class. (Which, PS, I found out during the 1st day of class last week that I tested into the highest math class that you can test into ----- sweet! Thanks, B! So glad my boyfriend is a genius, now if I only I could get him to do all 18 million sections of my homework for me so I could quit stabbing my eyes out when I get frustrated because I don't know the cubed root of 27 times 36 to the 2nd power. I mean, who doesn't know that?)

Anyways, random tangent over. It is always a good day when B suggests getting Applebees Carside-To-Go for dinner. It means that I don't have to make any decisions about what's for dinner or actually cook anything. Glorious. I usually order the "Under 550 Calorie" Signature Sirloin and Garlic Herb Shrimp... except it's probably way over 550 cal's when I replace the Seasonal Veggies and Steamed Potatoes with Super Delicious Mashed Potatoes and Cheesy Non-Caveman Corn for sides.


We got a diagnosis on Kosmo. He has HGE... AKA Hemorrhagic Gastroenteritis.
In my medical terminology class I learned that hemorrhagic means "pertaining to excessive bleeding," gastro means "stomach" and enteritis means "inflammation of the intestines."

Poor guy. This just further proves that our little black and white has a very sensitive tum tum.
From what I have read there's no known cause of HGE... could have been anything. Food, bacteria, virus... who knows. It sounds scary -- if we hadn't taken him to the vet the outcome could have (and probably would have) been fatal. Thankfully, Kosmo should be fine. He may have to stay in the doggy hospital a couple more days, but the vet said yesterday that he was already showing improvement! Get well soon, little buddy! We miss you!


So -- I found these bad boys in my closet the other day.


(the pants, not the baby)

And I broke 'em out today. I was channeling my inner MK.


Pretty sure they're totally not in style anymore, and I'm not even sure I ever liked the way they looked... even back in 2004... but they are sooo comfortable! Especially now that they are 2 sizes too big. :)


Okay, according to the little time stamp at the bottom, I started this post at 2:28pm... it's now 10:46pm and I'm exhausted. Since then I've watched like 3 hours of Bachelor Pad on hulu (such trashy, dramatic reality TV, it's amazing what people will do for money...makes me sick... but it's strangely addicting), gone for a run (just 2.4ish miles because I skipped yesterday... almost skipped tonight too but figured 2 miles was better than 0 so I ran around the neighborhood really quick before the sun went down. Didn't take my watch for pace or distance, just ran by feel and it was awesome), cooked dinner, and did some laundry.

Time for bed. We get to go see Kosmo in the morning :)

Have a happy weekend!