So you know how yesterday I said that spin class and sleeping in (okay, I didn't actually mention sleeping in, but that should be a given for any day other than the weekend that I actually have off work) was all that I had on my agenda for today?

Turns out I lied.

Not on purpose, but today has been waaaaaaaaaaaaaay more full than I anticipated.

It all started the other day when Josh mentioned getting new bedroom carpet because our's is stained & ugly from Lola potties and just general carpet usage. Skip the cleaning, let's just get new carpet! (it was pretty bad!) But sometimes my B is a little drastic... like this one time we were at this bar and my hair smelled like smoke, you know how bars are, so he suggested shaving my head. Shampoo works too, but you know whatever. I guess shaving my head would also do the trick? Also one time I had a cut or something on my finger that hurt REALLY bad, so he suggested cutting off my finger. You know, he's not an engineer for nothin'. He prob knows what works better than I do... maybe I should listen to him?

So anyway, I called the Stanley Steamer and scheduled an appointment for carpet & sofa cleaning. They could be here between 8 and 9 in the morning, or between 10 and 2. I figured I would much rather have a 1 hour time frame than a 4 hour one, so 8-9 it was -- there goes my sleeping in! But luckily they were at least on time and now we have pretty, clean carpet and a good smelling sofa!

In other news, I noticed on yesterday's post that my B has been spreading rumors about me :-O !!

I just have to say..

Totally untrue!

I love the Kosmo AND the Lola! Lola just follows me around all the time and likes to have her picture taken more than Kosmo.

(Of course, Lola IS my baby girl..... but Josh loves Kosmo more than Lola too..just saying ;) but seriously.. I do love both of them LOTS and LOTS)

But Kosmo says thanks for asking about him! He's actually been sick for the past couple of days. It started on Monday. Sometimes he gets an upset tummy (Bostons have very sensitive tummies) but it always passes within a day or so, so we didn't think much of it at first. This time though, he quit eating and every time he drinks it comes right back up and he has NOT been himself at all... very lethargic. So we took him to the vet this morning and they are keeping him for a couple nights to get his fluids back up and run some tests to see if they can figure out what's wrong with him.

sick kosmo

Poor little guy! We hated leaving him there... seriously, broke my heart.... but hopefully they will get him all better soon. Please keep him in your puppy prayers!

So that was today so far. I still haven't made it to spin class..... tonight though, hopefully!

And I'm still behind on blog posts. :-/

But Lola is snoring....and a nap sounds fantastic.

I might be back later........ :)
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