weekend wins & losses

we are interrupting the regularly scheduled bahamas posts to bring you a little weekend update.

it had some good with some monkey wrenches thrown in.

the good included... dinner at p.f. chang's with our friends to celebrate a birthday. but the not so good? on the way there it started storming like crazy! the traffic lights were blowing around like they were dancing and the umbrellas outside starbucks flew up and almost went through the windows! i felt bad for the guy we saw riding his bike.

so anyway, i knew it was bad but on the way home trees were down everywhere and we came home to no electricity and doggy pee all over the house! poor little kosmo and lola must have been scared silly! and let's not talk about my plants.

sad sad sad.

power was out for like 12+ hours. we didn't know what to do with ourselves (not used to this remember?) it came back on the next morning, but went back off right as i was about to make breakfast. what a tease! i was starving and that was a rude trick!
on the plus side, my day lillies that i got back in june but only bloomed for like 2 days because after that lola thought they were a delicious snack, finally bloomed again after the crazy storm.


also good... went shopping at the outlets with some friends and got some amazing deals! AND found an unexpected $30 gift card in my wallet! love when that happens! :)


so all in all... a good weekend.

and today? today is the 2 year anniversary of the day my B first asked me on a date :)


happy 2 year anniversary, B! i love you!

me and Josh

and happy monday to you!

more bahamas coming soon!

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