zomg...what's this? i'm actually writing about running!

operation: 13.1 has "officially" commenced.... if you count a scheduled 2 mile run as a training run. which, my runners world smartcoach training plan does, so i guess i do too. i'm just not too sure about this program considering, as part of my training, it's having me run two 2 mile runs a week.. but i always feel like 2 mile runs are just kinda "junk" miles. almost not worth it, ya know? and also, my longest long run is 8 miles. actually, my first long run this weekend is 8 miles and so is every single other one until november, minus a couple easy 4 milers.

seems a bit odd to me, so i think i am going to start with a 4-5 miler this weekend (since umm i haven't run more than 5 miles since february!!!), and add a mile each week and probably do a 10 miler or two at least before the race.

but i am not a runners world smartcoach, so what do i know?


so anyways... i missed my run monday due to my pineapple allergy(?) so my running schedule is a bit off this week... i ran tuesday instead. two measly miles just like the program called for. easy enough, but nothing to write home about. then i was gonna skip running wednesday and just do spin, but i got there early so i decided to just hop on the treadmill in the cardio theater and watch a little bit of the first wives club... but it turns out i ended up running almost 3 miles.

totally coulda done more but i ran out of time!

it was odd. normally i hate the treadmill. but i was kickin' it. i was going faster than normal and i felt great! then i did spin class afterwards and i sprinted like i've never sprinted before. i killed myself on the "hills." and i sweated like crazy. it.was.awesome. i don't know what got into me wednesday, but i hope it sticks around!


unfortunately, it didn't stick around until thursday, but i hope it comes back. i had a 3-4 mile tempo scheduled, but after class (where i walked up and down 6 flights of stairs a couple times) i was exhausted and starving. so i came home and had dinner with B--- salad (good!), pizza (bad!), and golden oreos for dessert (oh so good! i mean bad.) so then i felt like a hippo and plus i was literally sitting there with my eyes crossed i was so tired. so at 8:30 after i felt like my food was somewhat digested enough where i could pretend to run a couple miles around the neighborhood, i opted for bed instead. sleep for the win!

sooo...tempo run tonight. race tomorrow. yays!

and this is the schedule i'm gonna try my best to stick to this fall:
monday - rest (mostly because i will be gone from 7a-7:30p every monday)
tuesday - run/yoga
wednesday - spin
thursday - run
friday - rest
saturday - long run
sunday - spin/weight training

i'm kind of excited to be following a plan again!!

and last but not least... josh's mom got a baby:

3f37a92b9f84a1024a543a50e58cb25a4e92a1f0_wmeg_00001 (1)

we went to meet her wednesday... sweetest little thing. she's 6 weeks old and almost bigger than lola.

speaking of lola..


can't help it. love her.

TGIF. have a happy weekend!