An Alaskan Adventure: Part 2

AKA The Misty F-words!

Day 3 | September 5, 2011 | Ketchikan, AK

Our first stop in Alaska was in Ketchikan, and our excursion was cruising the Misty Fjords! So basically, we got off the boat and got right back on another boat.

Everywhere we looked it was breathtaking. Alaska is beautiful!

We really don't get these kind of views cruising down the musty Ohio.

misty fjords
They fed us a LOT on this excursion... fresh salmon, chili, and clam chowder.. my first experience. It was a little fishy, but pretty good!

After the misty fjords (aka f-word because I can never say that word correctly!!) cruise we had some time to explore Ketchikan. We were warned before we docked in Ketchikan that it rains approximately 480 days a year there. Luckily, the rain held off while we were on the misty f-word cruise... which meant great weather for our excursion and a rainy play day while we toured the city on our own! hey, not a bad trade.. at least it held off.
rainy day
My waterproof camera came in handy :)

On our way back to the ship we found out we had about a mile walk back and by the time we made it we were drenched, but Ketchikan was definitely a success!

Then it was time to get showered and ready for dinner.

Dinner was always one of my favorite times of the day on the ship... I mean, mostly for the delicious 3 course meals, but it was also fun to get a little dressed up and try out all the different fancy restaurants on the ship and then go see a show. The live entertainment each night was awesome!!

Towel Creature of the Day:

Next stop: Juneau, AK (my favorite!!!)

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