An Alaskan Adventure: Part 3

AKA The ride of our lives.

Day 4 | September 6, 2011 | Juneau, AK

Juneau just may have been my favorite stop! Our excursion was amazing -- a helicopter ride around Juneau... to the top of a freakin' glacier! Pretty much a once in a lifetime experience.. possibly the coolest thing I have ever done.

It was incredible. The views from the helicopter ride were completely breathtaking.

Heather and I got to sit in the front of the helicopter next to our tour guide Zeke. Pretty sweet.

The dirt tracks that I thought looked like tire tracks are actually from pieces of ice moving down the glacier. Crazy.

It was so blue up close!
It would have been amazing enough to see the glaciers from the air.
But then we landed.
And there we were -- standing on a glacier named Herbert. I do name a lot of things, but the glacier was already named so I can't take credit for this one.

After some "glacier dancing" (which was really more like trying not to fall) and drinking the amazingly pure and ice cold glacier water, it was time to head back to town.

The above photo was taken right before the ride of our lives!

On the way back, right when we got way up in the air -- THE DOOR FLIES OPEN!!! It was pretty crazy. Heather and MJ (who had to reach around the older lady sitting next to her) held it shut and I held onto Heather so she wouldn't fly out (thus saving her life... I am a hero) until we made an "emergency landing." It was pretty sweet though because we landed on a part of the glacier that no one ever gets to see up close.

So of course, after that fiasco, once back on land we hit up the Red Dog Saloon for a much-needed drink. Okay, I just had water... not a fan of beer... and maybe my friends are just alcoholics ;)
red dog saloon
(not really... we had just bought stuff from the gift shop so we decided we should probably have a drink there)
THEN for lunch we knew we had to find crab! And find we did.

Heather and MJ got a giant king crab leg that also came with some crab patties and crab bisque and some other stuff to split. But since Robin and I had never had crab we decided we didn't want to get that much stuff in case we didn't like it... so we got crab patty sandwiches!
Everything was amazingly delicious! I don't even typically like coleslaw, but it was good! Heather and MJ graciously shared their king crab leg with us too --- delish! They have a website too, and you can even have crab shipped to your house!

On the way back to the ship Heather and I wrestled a bear!

Okay, maybe we didn't but it would have been a cool story, right? We kept looking for bears but unfortunately never saw any (real ones)! :( But we did see a pirate's ship.... ??


Then it was back to the ship for dinner and shows and sailing to our next destination!


Towel Creature of the Day:

PENGUIN!!!!!! :-D

All in all, Juneau was amazing. Definitely an experience I will never forget!

Next stop: Skagway, Alaska
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