An Alaskan Adventure: Part 4

AKA 101 dalmations sled dogs!

Day 5 | September 7, 2011 | Skagway, AK

As per the usual in Alaska.... Skagway was bea-uti-ful.

In Skagway we went dog sledding... AKA "mushing"! <----- Can someone tell me how to pronounce that word because we had a disagreement about it. Is it "m-uhh-shing" or "m-ooo-shing"??

Anyways, we took a "monologue" to the top of a mountain to hang out with some sled dogs at a musher's camp.

I don't actually remember what it's called now, but Robin kept calling it a "monologue" so there we have it. Basically it's a big, old army truck thing -- and they made sure we knew it was a Mercedes.
me n heather
When we got up there we met all kinds of sled dogs, and learned that even though they are huskies in the movies, real sled dogs are actually mutts. They are part Alaskan Husky and part greyhound, usually... probably mixed with other breeds too. They just use huskies in the movies because they are better looking, apparently.

We went on a little ride around the camp, powered by 16 sled dogs. Some of them have even done the Iditarod, which is an 1100 mile race... pretty much like the Ironman for sled dogs! Pretty amazing!

dog sledding
These dogs were soo happy when they were running! It was a really neat experience to see what all goes into dog-sledding and mushing. We met a guy who is training for the Iditarod and it was amazing to see what all goes into that.. especially the finances. He said it was going to cost over $20,000 for everything!!! and $1500 a month just to feed all his dogs, crazy!! But this was because it's his first year entering the race, after this year it will only be about $10,000.... no big deal.

After our dog sledding experience, we got to hang out with some cute little puppies!

Seriously adorable! I wanted to smuggle one home in my purse... but I refrained ;)

On the way back down the mountain, we stopped at a little over-look for a photo op.


Seriously... geez, I love Alaska.

After the tour we said thanks to Garrett for the fabulous tour of Skagway and the musher's camp and then did a bit of exploring on our own.

Skagway is super teeny tiny, so it didn't take long.

Sunset from the ship was beautiful that night.

whale watching
The scenery in Alaska is unlike any I've ever seen before. It was prettifulness everywhere!

Then....... dinner.
Dinner on a cruise ship sure is better than dinner at home. I'm just saying.

(okay, I didn't really have this for dinner... it was just chocolate buffet night! so it was just dessert AFTER dinner!)

Forgot to mention... saw none other than Kathy in Skagway!
Kathy is my friend and hair lady for the past 7 years! Last time I went to get my eyebrows done we figured out that we were going to be on the same cruise! I didn't think I'd actually see her though since there were like 2500 other passengers on there as well, but we actually ran into each other several times on the ship and at the ports! I still think it's so random that we went on the same cruise! small world.

Towel Creature of the Day:


Next (& final) stop: Prince Rupert, British Columbia
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