An Alaskan Adventure: Part 5

AKA We're in Canada, eh!

Day 6 | September 8, 2011 | Prince Rupert, British Columbia

We didn't dock in Prince Rupert until around 4pm, which was a lot different than every other day where we had gotten there early in the morning and then spent the whole day there. We didn't have any excursions planned -- we had tentatively planned to go on a hike through this park there, which was $60 if you booked it through the cruise line but we had done some research and figured out how to do it for only $4 (which was for the city bus fare)..... (speaking of excursions, I've found that it is always a LOT cheaper to book them on your own.. I will write more about this later; I've gotten several questions recently about the cruise/Alaska, so I'll try to write up a post to address those soon!)

Anyway...sorry about the tangent! For some reason that I don't remember now, we didn't end up going to the park. We just walked around Prince Rupert and all the little shops and went to a museum there and had dinner at a sushi place.

I loved all the random signs around the city.
prince rupert
prince rupertDo not disturb the shrubs and flowers....... are they sleeping? I don't understand.
We really didn't do a whole lot in Prince Rupert... it was our last stop and I think by this point we were all a little drained... a bit ready to go home... but it was a cute little town and we still had fun. The sushi bar was nice and we stopped at a little coffee shop on the way back to the ship called Cowpuccino's.... clever. We also stopped at a little Ikea-like store where I found everything I could ever need to decorate the house but tax there is crazy and I'm sure shipping it home would have been too ;) Prince Rupert was the perfect place for our last stop though. Nice and relaxing.

Towel Creature of the Day:

I loved the towel creature this day! By this point we had gotten to know Rafeal (our "housekeeper" who was awesome!) and the 4 of us girls would always all go to one of our rooms if they were trying to clean the other room. So since they cleaned Heather and Robin's room first, we all saw their towel creature first, and I guess Rafeal wanted me and MJ to still be surprised when we saw our towel creature... so when we went back to our room, we had this little guy waiting for us:

(!!!!) hehehe... love it! It was the only one that was hanging from the ceiling... and Heather and Robin's wasn't hanging from the ceiling...I'm just saying. It sort of had wonky eyes, but it was awesome.

And so, that was Alaska. We actually had one more day at sea, but apparently I didn't take any pictures... ?? And now I can't remember what we did because I've slept since then.

Hope you enjoyed reading about our great Alaskan adventure... thanks for coming along! :D
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