leavin' on a jet plane

it has been a crazy week and a half around here, to put it mildly. on top of the whole kosmo situation, i've had to keep up with school work (and actually try to get ahead, since i'm missing next week), and get things squared away for alaska. all of this has equaled very little sleep and i feel like i'm not much more than a walking zombie lately!! so i will apologize now in case this post is totally incoherent.

anyway, GOOD NEWS -- little kosmo is home!!!

the first thing he did was go for a toy and want to play fetch. yep, definitely back to his normal self!! besides his loss of weight (he's down to about 14.5 from 17.5), and the giant cone around his head, he's pretty much back to normal and we are so happy!!! :D

the cone has been interesting... he gets it "stuck" on the side of the doorway sometimes and then just stands there because he's not sure what to do. it's pretty funny... kind of sad, but totally funny :) he's been a trooper though.

lola is staying with her grandparents (my mom & mark some, and josh's parents some) over the next couple of weeks while kosmo is on "lock down." he's not allowed to run, jump, play, or be around other dogs for a little while. so lola still hasn't seen her big brother since his homecoming, but the other day she made a card for the wonderful doctors that fixed him and she wanted me to pass the message along to all of you as well...
bet you didn't know that my baby girl was a talented artist, did ya? ;)

but for real, we are very grateful for all the love that's been shown to kosmo and our little family over the last several days... it's meant more than you know :)

also.. no surprise here (at least to us, but maybe we are biased?) but apparently kosmo was the clinic favorite at the hospital ;) his doctors said he was the first one that everyone asked about/went to see as soon as they'd come in. and apparently everyone had tons of pictures of him on their cell phones. haha! his main doctor said that there's not too many that she remembers forever, but kosmo will definitely be one of them. seriously, we could not have asked for a better experience, given the situation... and it feels good to know that he was so well taken care of when he was out of our hands.

in other news, somewhere along the line i must have made the universe mad and done something to make 2011 hate me. rude. i didn't do anything to you, '11! i say this because -- my B is no longer accompanying us girls to alaska! :( since kosmo pretty much needs 24-hour care/supervision, he decided that he probably just wouldn't really have fun in alaska worrying about his boy, and it also wasn't fair to put the responsibility of caring for him on anybody else. so B will be staying home on kosmo duty.

i'm a teensy bit bummed because i was really looking forward to going on an adventure and experiencing all that alaska has to offer with my B, BUT i super pumped that my BiG MJ (you may remember her from this post) is able to go! it went a little something like this...

me (on sunday): hey BiG, what are you doing this weekend?
BiG: labor day weekend? umm, nothing, i might go see a movie or something, why?
me: do you have a birth certificate or a passport?
BiG: both
me: cool! do you want to go to alaska with me?!

so yeah, pretty much, i gave her 5 days notice.... and i thought i was stressed out enough about packing and squaring away details with 4 months notice! oh well, it happens! so now it's a 100% girls trip instead of a 75% girls trip and i think it will be super awesome to spend a week with my BiG since we never get to see each other (she lives in memphis!) and two other great friends! i'm also thankful for how easy it all was to transfer over and everything.. from what i had read online, i was pretty sure we were just gonna be totally out of luck if josh didn't go and lose all that money, but thank you norwegian cruise line for being understanding and accomodating!

so that is that! i still have to pack, run errands, print documents, and bring stuff to study while gone -- i know, sounds totally fun, right? but what can ya do.. i gotta math test the tuesday after we get back so it would probably not be a good idea to not look at a single math problem for over a week beforehand. boo responsibility.

plane departs at 6am tomorrow! i may or may not have internet access while gone... so if not, i hope you all have a wonderful labor day weekend!!!