a little road trip to Akron to run a little race.

I was a proud girlfriend this weekend!

For the past few months my B has been training and running his @$$ off in order to meet his goal of breaking 1:30 (AKA maintaining at least a 6:50 pace... AKA ridiculous) at the Akron 1/2 Marathon. Akron was the place of his previous PR (1:31:02) in 2009. So we made the incredibly long and boring 6 hour drive north this weekend... but luckily this time we had Heather and Ryan to keep us company! They were running in the marathon relay with some friends of Ryan's who live up there.

So anywho... I watched Josh run. And run and run and run. I saw him at the start, at mile 3, mile 10, and at the finish. I like Akron because it's very spectator-friendly :)

I also learned some history while I waited for him.

After mile 10 I headed to the stadium so I could see him finish! I was all kinds of nervous watching the clock inch closer to 1:30 with no B in sight. Although there was a false alarm at 1:24... a dude in bright orange came barelling down the finish line and I was like Dang! B must have really kicked it up those last 3 miles.. geez. But then I realized that guy had long hair and a bandana... clearly not my B.

Finally, he turned the corner and down the stretch he came!
That is the face of a speed demon.

And HE DID IT!!!! He crossed the finish line in 1:29:03 (official). Which made him like 62nd over all...out of like thousands and thousands of people!

And of course... since he was so close to 1:28, he was then bummed that he didn't kick it up 4 seconds faster to break 1:29! But whatev, he broke 1:30 by almost a minute... pretty dang awesome. I was so proud :D And now he has a goal for the October 1/2 marathon... 1:28:59. Should be easy considering that course is flat and Akron is HiLlY.

Post-race fuel = beer and Starbucks, of course.

Heather and Ryan did good in their relays, too! We also had a couple other friends from home (not pictured) who ran the 1/2 and did awesome! My friend Taylor set a new PR at 1:49... I have some crazy fast friends. My goal for the Oct half is just to run the thing injury-free ;)

Congrats on an awesome race, B!!!!!! You inspire me to be a better runner and I'm so proud of you for accomplishing your goal!!! I love you!

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