some bullet points.

  • -- the other day Lola decided to help momma (that's me) with the laundry. she loves the laundry room for some strange reason... but she's never gotten in the laundry basket and just chilled. silly girl. it probably didn't hurt that our dirty clothes smelled like camp fire. love her.

  • -- i ran yesterday.... wait, back up. on tuesday i went to the sports chiro to have him check out my IT band. it was sore after sunday and i wanted to be pro-active this time. so anyways, he did some stretches and the evil graston on me... except his version of graston is not really evil. in fact, it was almost pleasant compared to our last doc. anywho, i ran yesterday...3 miles... and i ran faster than i have in MONTHS! and it was EASY! i did not realize how slow being injured/having tight muscles was making me! i totally surprised myself!! i kept looking down at my watching and every time i was like really?? am i REALLY running this fast?! it was AWESOME!... don't get me wrong, i was by no means being speedy gonzalas, but i have not ran a pace like that since before i was injured. (so if you're local and have running issues, e-mail me and i will hook you up with our sports doc.. he's awesome!!)
-- hung out with my momma for a little bit last night. she's pretty cool.

-- the bullet points kinda went crazy and went everywhere and are also on top of my picture?? i don't know how to make them go away!

-- that's really about all i have to update you on. but we are good, things are good, life is good. fall is coming and i'm thrilled!!! and we're preparing for a little road trip this weekend. should be fun.

happy thursday!!!
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